31 December 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

5 People who inspired me in 2013!!!

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   It's cool to follow big legends and real megastars, superstars and role models but there are few personalities who become your favorite for a while of time or say, they just get entered in your conscious to stay for a long period of time. 2013 is with us just for few hours and I wanted to talk about few personalities who really made me admire them. I don't really get impressed with someone by their looks. Yes it matters but only when you are hard-working and an achiever in life. If you have been enjoying life on the name of your family like Tanisha(What an idiotic example. Period.) doing nothing to create your own niche, you can never be my favorite even for a second. I love admiring and loving new people whom I love because that gives me variation to be like them or at least be successful in the same way they are. I am just too passionate about the word "Success" and people who undoubtedly relate with them. There are few people who really motivated and charged me this year by their performances whom I think I should mention to avoid any kind of injustice towards them.

            I would like to talk about Farhan Akhtar first. This guy is known for being a director, actor, lyricist, poet, singer, writer, producer, anchor etc. but with his role in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag he has inspired many. The story of the movie is in itself an epic but the way Farhan Akhtar has enacted it, makes it the movie that it is. The kind of body and physique that he has build shows the amount of hours that he would have invested. There's a scene that shows Farhan Akhtar skipping rope in stadium and his pumped-up chest bouncing with it. That inspired me to join gym and get a physique like that. And you know what, I did it within a month. My chest is yet to show the flavors of Farhan Akhtar's but at least it has started to push itself out of my body. :-) Haha!

           The second person whom I am going to talk about is "CNN Person of the Year 2013"- Yes, Mr. Kapil Sharma. This guy is unstoppable. After winning, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, he started group act and several gags on Comedy Circus where almost every participant of TGILC ends up being into. But after that, the way he used his money and invested it into launching his own Production House and producing his own show, building the concept and executing it, shows the kind of creativity he has and the amount of challenge he can take. Even after his set got burnt in fire, he didn't let any of his episode get bunked. He kept performing with his fellow artists on another set. Today, every celebrity and superstar needs him but he needs no one to gather audience around him. People are dying to listen him these days.

            The third person I am going to talk about is the nation's sensation and heart-throb currently- Miss Deepika Padukone. When you want to put quality in any of your work, you try to eliminate all the other works of your life and concentrate on only one. Deepika has seriously surprised me with her commitment to almost every work that she has done this year. Even if the work would have been similar, I would have taken it easy but all of them were versatile and needed its own effort. While Race 2 was Deepika in her own avatar- sexy and hot, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani wanted to show her as a conservative and reserved girl which she is definitely not. :-) While Chennai Express made her speak in South Indian accent, Ram Leela showed her in a Gujarati avatar. Greatness has been that she has done all these work together and shown perfectness in almost all the roles. Hope I learn this talent soon.

            The fourth person who have inspired me is Arvind Kejriwal. A man who was just a right hand to the India's most celebrated person in 2011, Anna Hazare, is India's new hope today. The way he kept speaking on behalf of Anna Hazare during movement, how he took the whole initiation of launching the party AAP and the way he won the heart of Delhi's people shows the capability he has. Even after coming in limelight, he didn't speak anything against Anna which media wanted him to say so that they can get a wonderful bite to show 24*7. He kept the respect for Anna intact. The way he took advise of public for his next step shows his love and respect that he has for Aam Janta. As soon as he came in power, he took 2 actions that took away sleep from BJP and Congress's life. I wish to revolutionize even a small segment of people sometime in future. 
           The fifth and the last person is Virat Kohli. This man has almost become a role model for one trait in my life- Consistency. I have never ever seen someone as consistent as him in performing extra-ordinary. Mediocrity can be easily maintained and sustained but doing the same with extra-ordinariness is something that not everyone of us can. He bats and fields on the field with utmost dedication and aggression that he ends up being the best performer of the team again and again. Good thing is that even after he has so many eyes on him, he doesn't lose himself. The biggest problem that we have noticed in younger players is momentum. They lose it as soon as they start getting attention but he is different. He knows his priority and he has kept it strict and straight. Amazing! Powerful!

           I don't know whether you agree with the 5 persons I mentioned as someone who inspired us with their activities but still, I am interested in knowing the rising personalities of 2013 according to you. 


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Soulmate said...

These are the 5 people who inspired me in 2013 :-

1. Akhilesh Yadav :- I have learnt one great thing from him- how to hold a 14-day long carnival when thousands of riot victims are freezing and dying in cold relief camps in one's state.

2. Narendra Modi :- I have finally realized the power of blogging. Thanks to him.

3. Tarun Tejpal :- He has inspired me to become a journalist.

4. Asaram Bapu :- This man has taught me that God can be a man, with long white beard and sitting in front of mike all day. Sometimes even dancing.

5. Devyani Khobragade :- From now on, I have decided never to under pay my domestic help. Hence forth, this rule even applies to my driver and cook. I am going to listen to them and give them wages as per their demands. Extra hikes during Diwali and Holi. This rule will be applicable no matter where I will be- India or America.

Writing Buddha said...

Hahaha.... Wonderful names, Snehal

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