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Dhoom 3: Better Bike Scenes than the first two parts!!!

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  I still remember the craze I had in my teenage when I saw the trailer of Dhoom. Abhishek Bachchan, in his black framed goggle looked dashing, Uday Chopra used to be a working actor then and finally, John Abraham- a new craze in Bollywood. I loved the film so much that I have its 400 rs DVD still with me. :-) Then the maker made us wait for 2 years and they came up with Dhoom 2 comprising of new names in it- Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu along with the cops- Abhishek and Uday. Audiences like me were blown after seeing how handsome and stylish Hrithik Roshan was shown on the big screen. It was such a treat to watch. Even after so many years, we haven't got to see Hrithik Roshan in the same Avatar. The same year, Krrish released but Hrithik won Best Actor in Filmfare for Dhoom 2. That's what the movie gave us. All were waiting for Dhoom 3 and suddenly an announcement came that Aamir Khan is chosen as villain this time. People were surprised that a conventional actor like him chose such a film when his image is of acting only in social-message-oriented movies. And finally the movie released this weekend after making us wait for whole 7 years.

            Well, I watched the movie on Monday Morning in Big Cinemas of Navi Mumbai in just Rs. 120 each. I don't know why people were making hoopla about 900 and 1400 rs tickets of the movie in 4-10 chosen theaters. It's for those who can afford it not for you and me who will cry foul over it. Huh! If you'll ask me in one word what's Dhoom 3, I can undoubtedly say that it's a great entertainment. People will keep telling you that it does not have a great story but then did Sholay have amazing storyline? A man whose family was been killed by a villain and even his hands were cut off while fighting for his family, hires 2 young boys to take revenge against the villain. That's all. This is the story of Sholay. But because it was a great entertainment, people count it in classic. Similarly, Dhoom 3 is just about entertainment, music, heroism and bikes. Expecting any thing over this is your own mistake, not film maker's.
    Director has done a wonderful job in sustaining the quality of Dhoom franchisee. Producer has shelved 10 times than what Director would have expected. Every scene seems to be a crore rupee scene. A visual treat it is. Coming to the actors, Aamir Khan is an ace, literally. Every scene of his is excellent. Though initially I felt that the expression on his face was quite unwanted but later on, I realized why it was needed. His acting in both his roles is significant and unique. Every dialogue delivery is superb. His looks and performance is 100% perfect. Coming to actor Abhishek Bachchan, buddy, please enhance your acting skills and work on your physique. Please! Uday Chopra, thanks that you retired because you have become repetitive in this series. This time you bored every time you tried to woo girls or dreamed of having kids and dancing with them. Katrina Kaif, well, it shows that you worked hard on your acrobatics and dancing and moves but acting? Well, if all the songs are moved out of the movie, she has just 5 minutes in the movie. And then she says that she has worked for more than a year on this movie. Joke!

              I loved Aamir's childhood scenes. I loved his entry and the way he took off every scene. I loved the first bike chase and even the second one. The chase in the pre-climax is again another whistling moment. I can easily say that bike scenarios are better than the first 2 Dhoom-s. My most favorite scene of the movie is when Abhishek Bachchan and Aamir Khan are about to shake hands and Aamir pushes him behind. What happens after that is epic. Another favorite scene is when Abhishek asks Aamir to remove his jacket so that he can prove he's the same thief whom he shot with a bullet. Aamir goes topless and the body scanner finds no injury. Abhishek's frustration is audiences' happiness at that point of time. Another best part is the one just before interval when we get to know the biggest twist of the movie and also when Abhishek comes to know about it. I also liked the concept of showing Aamir * 2 in the pre-climax during bike chases. :-) Back ground music is quite powerful and every song is picturized and choreographed beautifully. Malang is spectacular while Tu Hi Junoon is beautiful. 
       Coming to the drawbacks, I missed the dialogues in this movie. There aren't wonderful dialogues which you will bring it with you at home after the movie. There's no such scenes between Cop and Thief that's epic and will be remembered for a long time. Actress is extremely wasted in this movie. When you get such big names in a movie, people want to see performances of each one of them but eliminating almost whole role of Katrina and Uday Chopra has made this movie little weak. Even Abhishek Bachchan is shown as a completely loser throughout. There should be Barabari-ki-takkar and not a one-sided game between hero and villain. Jackie Shroff's dialogue "Aisi ki taisi" before shooting himself is as if a 5th std kid has written it for him. Then there are many unrealistic and illogical stunts and visuals that you do not want to believe. That's the biggest turn-off in the movie. Also that Roadrash kind of a scene where Aamir kicks a police bike is funny and childish. Also I missed the tactics with which the thief robs the bank each time. If that would have been shown, movie would have got better by 5 times. But they directly showed us flying currency notes in air depicting that bank is been robbed. The tap dance of Aamir Khan is boring. Tap dancing needs height and Aamir is like.... well.. :-) Rest, movie is a wonderful entertainer. Don't expect a great epic story and performances by anyone except Aamir Khan and you'll enjoy it as I have. :-) 



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Neha said...

Aamir and Dhoom form a great combination. Aamir is too good in his double role. Katrina is fine in her short role, but could have been offered a slightly bigger role as she is an A-list actress. Abhishek failed to show something new. Uday was very good is his comedy act. Overall, a one-time must-watch movie. Surely deserves 4 stars.

Unknown said...

the review is awesome! which i liked the most! ..is that how u compared the storyline and much more.! its a must read review of #DHOOM 3 !! :) all the best for ur #1000th blog with wishes ** mahesh ! :)

Gunjan Preet said...

the review is awesome! which i liked the most! Thanks for sharing

swapnil said...

ya right nice bike stunts

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