18 December 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Go Goa Gone!!!

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     This semester has been quite tough for me. I never knew that at one stage, I would even feel that I must skip exams to maintain and sustain my mental balance but as it is said, life is a challenge and you should always be a participant in it. Hence, I withdrew the cowardly issues that my mind was playing with and got back to studies. Some times, you feel that you can balance things well but you realize that multitasking can get on to your nerves sometimes. Finally, after many sleepless nights, giving some time to studies and rest of it to my personal works, I managed to give my exams from 2nd December to 12th December. It was another 10 adventurous days of life. My papers didn't go as well as I imagined them to. I was quite disappointed. But you never know what life plans for you. My childhood friend, Ankit booked tickets to Goa along with one more childhood buddy, Danish. Suddenly, the 3 days tour to Goa refreshed me and gave me the lost energy. 
 It is rightly said that when you start getting depressed or down because of your work or job you need an outing. Last semester when I was feeling down due to few complexities, I, with a friend of mine, went to enjoy at CST, Flora Fountain, Siddhi Vinayak, Chowpaati and Marine Drive. It was such a wonderful day that I still remember the day and date along with time. Even the time when I caught local train for departing and arriving. Similarly, this trip has been another great force in my current life. Now I am ready to take challenging part time jobs in my vacations that would be ending on 20th January. 
    Right from my childhood, I have been living on Mumbai-Goa road. Every now and then my family used to sit with other family friends and discuss when to go to Goa. But because of financial and middle-class issues, we never got to go. But as soon as my friend informed me that I am about to go to Goa with them, the only thing that came in front of my eyes were my parent's face. It's my mother's dream since her childhood that she wants to visit Goa once. And leaving her behind, going alone with friends didn't seem to be a good idea to me. But I thought to myself that let's this be a trailer to Goa, let's not spend lots of money, just be on the land of Goa, experience it, analyze what budget it would be when I will be here with my parents and be back after some time with them. :-) And I did the same for the three days. You would be surprised but three of us has toured Goa in a total budget of Rs. 15000. :-) To be precise, Rs. 5000 each. And let me tell you that there isn't anything that we didn't enjoy. But still, we tried to confine our budget as much as possible.
The experience of beaches- Calungate beach, Baga beach and Anjuna beach has been wonderful. Enjoying the waves that hits your body at every 20 seconds has been such a delightful experience that even after getting back to Mumbai, my body is trying to float as I'm still dancing in waves. The saltiness of water is quite irritating but it gets overcome by the thrilling sounds of waves. Then we also visited Aguanda Fort, the same one which is shown in Dil Chahta Hai where three friends sit facing opposite to camera. It's a small fort but the view of endless water from it is exciting. We also visited two churches including Goa's biggest- Bom Jesus Basilica, which holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. Another Church where we sought blessings of Jesus is Se Cathedral which is quite influenced by Portuguese. 
 Later on, in the evening, we visited Casino Palms, the cheapest Casino in Goa. This is how we managed our budget. :-) My friend Ankit played with Rs. 3000 and got back Rs. 2400. But this wasn't a loss as it was his wish to play Casino from a long time and hence Rs. 600 is a fair deal, isn't it? No. Okay! We also got Buffet at the entry fees of Rs. 500 at Casino. It was such a great fun that we visited the place again the 2nd evening. But this time we thought of enjoying Goa's night life hence we entered the Casino at 11.30 PM and got engaged with our luck again. By the time, our stomach started crying we came to know that buffet is already closed. In replacement to that, they asked us that we can order any 3 snacks against which I ordered 3 chicken tikka and filled my tummy with it. :-) Next evening we were at Cruise. Entry fees: Rs. 200. It was another wonderful experience of being on a Cruise for an hour, also dancing in Disco that's made on the cruise itself. They said that entry for girls is free and boys will have to pay Rs. 50 extra. We thought that there would be 1:10 ratio of boys and girls but after getting inside, almost all the boys on the cruise turned out to be tharak. There were just boys and no girl. Well. :-(
 We hired a car for 3 whole days which gave us security as well as joyous ride. The roads in Goa are pothole-less which is like heaven for a Mumbaikar like us who suffers them every day. The restaurants are beautifully made which attracts you towards themselves. A musician playing guitar and singing songs, foreigners dancing to that and we, the tharaks, just eyeing upon them. At beaches, you will find beautiful foreigners in bikinis as well as topless sometimes. Well, let's not talk about it. In short, this year has ended with this tour of Goa for me and I can easily say that 2013 has been the most exciting year of my life, in every damn terms. Now, I am just keeping target of taking my parents to Goa in near future and letting my mother live her dream for 4-6 long days. :-)



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So we can take parents with us to the beautiful Goan beaches? :)

You had such a wonderful experience! And cool shots too! I wonder when my 'holiday in Goa' moment would arrive. If it would come at all:P

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