25 December 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Who wants a SISTER in a nation like Today's INDIA???

999th BLOG POST -->>

  It feels so special to write this number above- "999". It used to come in mind every time I used to write blog that there will come a day when I'll write this post after which I would be writing my landmark "1000th BLOG POST" that has been my target since I started Blogging. It has taken me some 4 years and 4 months to reach here and write this post. And it feels so amazing that I am finally scribbling my 999th BLOG POST which will never come back. After this its only going to be 1999 which isn't a wonderful number as this. :-) The only special number after this is going to be 9999 which I don't think is possible to achieve in this lifetime. It will come only if I turn my kids into Blogger and all of us write only on this medium- ARB. Hahaha! But then there would be a National Breaking News about a conflict in family as to who will write the 9999th BLOG POST. :-)

           Since I have started Blogging, I had an intention of changing the minds of few people if possible. I don't know what's the impact of this in people's life but I am sure that at least a person would have definitely changed a bit. And even if I have been able to change life of one person by writing 999 blog posts, I am done. I don't need anything much from this Blog. Today, the only one thing which disturbs me is the attitude of boys towards girls. Rape cases are the biggest example to that. They are just unstoppable and the kind of records those numbers are creating every year shows where our country and people are heading towards. There is rape in almost every kind of society that we have seen with the example of Tarun Tejpal case. Every man is trying his way out to molest a girl or use her body silently.

           You go to a crowded function and you'll find half of the boys attending it just in a hope that they'll get a chance to press girl's breast in dhakka-mukki. That is the intention of almost every boy today even if he's decent and smart. Every one knows that our Police force is weak and nothing happens. When someone gets raped our police says that there are so many getting raped why should we lodge your complain. They ask the girl and her family to deal with the matter themselves. Later on, boys start troubling the same girl on roads and end up burning girl's face with acid when she finally protests their move. This has become so common in our country that it makes me happy that I don't have a sister. Now how terrible this thought is! Where I should be regretting for not having a sweet sister in life, I am feeling happy about it. This is the feeling that my country's current situation has given me.

            I have written several blog posts on this issue. Leave me, all over our country, in almost every newspaper and magazine, people have written articles on this on first page and cover page but there has been no improvement in the mentality. If a boy will find a girl alone in a train coach, he is definitely going to try his luck. India became modern suddenly which resulted in collaboration of boys and girls. Now if a group of college students go on trip, you find as much girls as boys. Just when we thought that society is becoming open-minded and approachable, such news started coming in. Many husbands in our country still feels that being manly is about hitting their wives. How sick this is! I feel that a woman should be respected and loved as much as possible. I can't even imagine someone hitting and abusing a woman on face. Come on! There's a limit to every thing in world. And excuse me, this very thing does not have constraint of limit itself. This shouldn't exist in first place. 

            I was crossing Delhi and I asked my cousin to meet me at Railway Station. She checked the schedule of my train and said that because train is reaching New Delhi after 9 PM, she cannot come even when she wants to. We were to meet after 5 years. Our relationship and conversations had almost ended and we wanted to clear all the misunderstandings and get back to each other but we couldn't meet. The only reason to miss meeting her was a fear that she might be harassed by these boys with horn on their heads and bigger one between their legs. People say it correct that why do scientists test chemicals and drugs on animals first. They should do it on rapist as they are worst than animals. At least we don't fear dogs and cats on road. We know that they won't touch us until and unless we won't poke them. But regarding boys, people don't even trust their own son, brother, father and relatives today, leave friends. 

           In a city like Mumbai, I see it many a times a boy mistreating his girlfriend in trains, roads, bus stands, railway platforms. I agree that your girl must have done some thing wrong with you but you shouldn't insult her in public. Actually, you shouldn't insult her at all. Scold, fight, argue- do every thing that a normal human does but insulting and violating someone's self-respect is the worst that you can do. Just imagine what a girl goes through when she realizes that she's in a closed room or an isolated place and there's no one to save her while 5 men are pouncing over her, having forced sex, brutalizing her body, abusing, thrashing and beating her. How angry our God would be getting on us? And after those boys leave, girl has no energy to get up and go. They even take away her clothes. That trauma can never be taken away from a girl's mind. Admit her in any best rehabilitation center but she can never forget those few minutes that changed her life. These days girls are been raped and kept locked in a room for days without any food and water. Jesus! 

           At the end of these series of 999 posts, I just want to make sure that everyone who's reading this post should make sure that you don't lose control over yourself when you find a hot and sexy girl alone. Make sure that you are making friends with her. Try proposing her and even after that, only when she allows physical intimacy, touch her at places where only a girl's closest person can. But make sure that you don't enforce yourself on any girl. Girls are the most beautiful things that God has given to mankind and we should respect them for the love that they bring in our lives. They do so much for us- leave their family, surname, take our surname, services our family, cook food for us, keeps our baby in her body for 9 months and dedicate all her life to husband and child. Can't we do this little thing for them? Please don't try to be violent against girls. Be as much soft as you can. I am expecting 100% output at least from those who are reading this particular Blog Post.

 Thanks a lot.


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Soulmate said...

Leave aside roaming on Delhi roads at night after 9 pm. Its practically impossible for a girl to venture out alone at such a time in the nights. This is the condition of the capital of India!

I live in Delhi. I used to travel in metros in broad daylight before. I would board any compartment that stopped in front of me, after getting pushed and jostled by the crowd. Things changed when I entered inside such compartments meant for both men and women. I was stared at and scanned from head to foot in a very embarrassing way. My god! I didn't know where to escape. When such vulgar stares didn't stop, I used to change my place and stand somewhere else, only to be stared at again. Boys used to play tricks like trying to fall on me whenever the metro suddenly slowed down. Things like bumping on the opposite gender's body, groping, pushing and touching at inappropriate places had become a regular thing. After such experiences, I completely stopped entering into such compartments. Nowadays, I strictly travel only in the first coach i.e. Ladies compartment meant for only women.

To think it has come to this! In broad day light in public areas, girls are not safe anymore....What to do? For how long can we wait for people's mentality to change? That too, at what cost?

We proudly say Bharat Mata ki Jai. And then some people go back to molest, assault and rape that same Mata. Whats happening to our countrymen?

Anonymous said...

Abhilash... Join the club I too suggested the same Lab-ratting for those culprits. As you said, people who can see women as sister are reducing in India now a days. Check this post when you get time.. http://propelsteps.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/alert-new-punishment-for-rapists-lab-ratting-organ-harvesting/

Well written provoking thoughts. But what we gonna do about it beyond writing? or protesting on the streets? would like to stay in touch with you...


Megha said...

Such people never change.. god noes what kind of mentality they have... i just hope that this message reaches to every boy so that he can undrstand the worth of a girl..

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