30 December 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

1001st BLOG POST- Your Support Is My Success!!!

1001st BLOG POST -->>

  Well, finally we start Blogging post-1000 Blog Posts. :-) Thanks a lot to all of you for showering umpteenth number of praises upon me. I tried to accept all the comments but it wasn't possible as my website does not have that much capacity hence I ended accepting the comments after 15 of them. I read the rest of them in all these days and sent the mail to the winners of the contest. It was fun interacting with some of you about the journey that continued for more than 4 years. Sometimes when I look back I don't even realize that I have been blogging since such a long time. It seems as if it's just 6 or 8 months and nothing more than that. I have kept counting each day in all these years to maintain the frequency of Blog Posts and achieve my personal targets but still I feel that the journey has been short. :-)

            It's always special to complete a century posts because writing is a job that needs concentration, stability, knowledge, imagination, talent, creativity, statistics, awareness etc. People find it tough to search for a topic for their next post and that's what they keep asking me from where do I get so many topics to write on. :-) Actually they do not know that it's my readers who provide me the topic by continuously pinging me on Facebook and mailing me to write on this-and-this topic. I don't find it difficult in writing on any topic because all of you yourself give me enough knowledge to try my hands in writing on almost any thing. I love reading newspapers, magazines and online articles just because I want to serve all of you with the best of my capabilities. 

            From here, I would like to provide write-ups on the topics and genres I have not yet written about. I have almost stopped writing fictions because I felt that I wasn't providing any variations in it. As soon as I'll start feeling that I have some decent short stories to share with you, I am again going to begin with it. Writing blog has become a habit and I don't think it's going to go soon. It has become a motivation to me. Whenever I find that my academic life isn't stable, I log into my blog account and read the comments that all of you send me, that makes me feel good about my existence. This is a power that no one else have. And the controller of this power is you. The day you shall leave me would be the day when all the glory of this portal will go. Hence, the most that I thank to for my achievements are my readers. Without you, I have no existence on this planet.

            I have also started my 4th BLOG named LAST MINUTE STUDY where I read my academic books and provide easy notes to the MCA students of Mumbai University, currently confined to my batch- 2012-15 only. :-) I have big plans for it and I am sure that it will also execute well with the help of the students from my city. Let's see what happens to this venture. Also I am going to announce something surprising very soon. I had this plan since a year but not getting the appropriate confidence needed to execute it. As soon as a worm within me will scratch my patience and under-confidence, I shall announce the project and begin executing it either through Facebook or some other website. For now, I would like to thank all of you for the amazing HITS that you have given to my 1000th Blog Post. I don't discuss my HITS like other Bloggers but I feel happy about it because that's a secret I want to keep with myself. It's pure till its with me otherwise it will become judgmental and corrupt this Blog space. 

 Thanks a lot.


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