25 December 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

1000* BLOGS in 1608 Days with Lakhs of You!!!

1000th BLOG POST -->>

    And the moment comes to exalt this Blog space and take it beyond cerebration and thoughts. As the last 999 blog posts sink in, I realize what a great honour the magnitude of life exhibits. We do not deserve it, but some feel that we do. Greatness does not lie in what we think but it depends wholly on what others think of us. And so we bow in front of them in all humility and being down-to-earth. And therefore to make people interested in our work, we keep on slogging and slugging to reach that stage where we feel further challenged. Recently, I attended a function where Brian Lara was asked how does he think beyond level that even after he scored 375 in Test once, he went and scored 400* later on. He said that I love pushing myself from what I achieved the last time. And similarly, we accomplish what we may not have been able to surpass. To try, to struggle, to make effort, to move that minute unit in the proper direction. The only defense that's activated is of not getting challenged by adverse critics. The quality of welcoming and accepting all the negative and turn it into motivation and perform to disapprove whatever has been spoken of us. And this, not in revenge but with the view of establishment. 

            After all the balancing, equalization and regulations of 1608 days since this blog has come into invention, we reach what we dreamed of in the beginning- "1000 BLOG POSTS". It has not been a difficult journey because this is what I love. People say that to achieve something you have to sacrifice many things and events. I don't believe in this ideology. I believe that the only thing that I would really be sacrificing in my life is writing. And when I am into my work of writing, I don't feel that I sacrifice anything. My friends know how I start getting uneasy and irritated when I stay with them for long than planned as I start missing my life- life of writing, blogging, reviewing and tweeting. I don't miss hanging out with friends, going out for trips, watching movie every alternate Friday, sitting with my parents and discussing future and listening songs. If I would have done all this, I would have definitely not enjoyed life because I would have missed writing terribly while I would not have really enjoyed these adventures as it doesn't excite me. 
    All the moments of isolation, loneliness and reverie has resulted in bringing this very small space to a portal where people have started identifying it as an object in existence. Whatever I am today in life, I am because of these three words that I created with some belief and idea- "ARB". There are people whom I have never seen and I am never going to meet who loves me the way a best friend loves you. There are friends who would have abused me the way they abuse every friend but instead they respect me for these three words. Whatever opportunity I have got in my colleges of Graduation and Post-Graduation is because of this space. Whatever little bit of pride and confidence that my parents have over me is because what I keep typing on my laptop's keyboard incessantly. Whatever personal interaction my teachers from school, Graduation college and current college keeps with me is because I am known by a term "Blogger". Whatever opportunities I have got in life like attending India Non-Fiction fest, Salaam Sachin, Crossword Book Awards etc is because I have been associated with this specific portal. The support that my new venture- "Last Minute Study(LMS)" got in just 1.5 months is because of my experience with ARB. Summarily, whatever I, Abhilash Ruhela is, is because of this very blog where I am posting a Flagship post. 

            There would have been moments when I would have written banal posts which would have irritated almost every one of you. There would have been moments when I would have confidently given my conclusion to a heated topic which you would have totally disagreed with. There would have been moments when I would have talked extreme nonsense that would have affected your mind badly that would have made you exert more during calisthenics the next morning in fury. :-) There are moments when I would have pretended to be unctuous even when you know how cheap and retarded I am. But still, all of you suffered me from last 1608 days. Never ever have I received a comment or personal message as such which said that they'll never follow my blog because of what I spoke in the last one. Never! And that is why I dedicate each and every post to each one of you for staying by my side since you started off your journey with this Blog as a reader.

             I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking my mind and heart with all of you. There have been moments when my family has scolded me to write something too personal in public but I never ceased because I love sharing my thoughts. I have enjoyed reviewing books because the kind of people who have turned readers after reading the book reviews here is the most amazing thing that has happened to me in life. I never knew that I, at a personal level, can end up making book haters into book readers. If you will ask me one thing that I am very proud of, it is this. :-) I have even loved reviewing movies because that's one thing I do without any stress in mind. I know that even after my review, the people who wants to see a movie will definitely go and if doesn't, will not. :-) Even when I am kind of a Luddite, I have still talked about few mobiles and inventions on this platform, I don't know how. I have even talked about sports but that has always happened in a scurrying manner because I don't think I am a genius in this field. I just love updating myself with statistics. 

            Whenever I log in to my Blogging account to check all the comments that has come for the post written 24 hours ago after finishing all my personal and college work, it makes me enough jubilant that I wake up for unknown hours until it's almost dawn. I hide it these days from my parents and friends sometimes because they scold me for not sleeping much. I don't know what's so interesting in slumber. Huh! I find this place sacrosanct only for one reason that all of you love me so much even after I have been posting sporadically sometimes. That's a totally different thing that somehow I have maintained the consistency of posting a blog every 1.6 days since 4 years and 4 months of my Blogging journey. None of my reader is gullible but still none of you are silent. Whenever I have done mistake, I am been made to realize it which has helped me develop myself and my personality very nicely. I am very grateful to each one of you for being such a beautiful henchmen. 

             Today, with ambivalence, I wish that this space does not die ever even if I turn ghoulish because of self-generated events around me. Haha! Thanks for all the allegiance and gallant support. Thanks for dealing with things in levity even when they were enough serious to cause obstreperous protests. Thanks for the most powerful vista I have experienced in my life. I don't gloat easily but today, I am extremely happy for all of you because somewhere I feel that I have not been absent in the moments you wanted me to stand and speak on my Blog space. I will also specially thank all the Indian authors who keep recommending their readers to read my blog until their next book is releasing. What a selfless support! I would also thank those people who have been sharing my posts through their Facebook and Twitter accounts without my knowledge. And I am no Sachin Tendulkar to retire from what I love and hence, I am going to continue writing all my life in whatever form I would be indulging in. And whenever I would breathe my last, I will have only these extra-ordinary memories that all of you have given me. My love and respect to all of you. And I hope you will keep loving this Blog even in future, no matter how bad I write. :-) 

 Thanks a lot. And a Merry Christmas to all of you. 

P.S.: Friends, as I have written this post on Christmas, I wanted to play a bit of Santa for all of you if possible.  Hence, I have decided to giveaway 5 books to 5 people respectively with best comments(according to me) on my 1000th Blog Celebration. This contest will run till 31st December, 2013. Every day a winner would be announced who can chose any one among these 5 books. As soon as a book is chosen, next winner will be left with remaining books.
The 5 Books are:-
1. The Jadoo of your Love- Shubha Ranjan Saha
2. Life and Promises- Pulkit Gupta/ Ila Garg
3. A Wild Rose- Uzma Jafri
4. It started with a Friend Request- Sudeep Nagarkar
5. Journey of Two hearts- Anuj Tiwari


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Sandeep Sharma said...

Sitting in a closed room, alone and writing. There's nothing more a writer/blogger wants. It's like playing with your own child alone and teaching him the morals of life. 4 years!!! It's a long time and it's the thing which makes me bow in front of you. You have nurtured your son (ARB) very well.
Your today's blog was as magical as the retirement speech of Tendulkar and most importantly you are still not retiring from this as you have mentioned.
I myself runs a blog and about to complete 1 year soon and I know how difficult it is to be consistent with your writing but when I look toward your blog, it feels pretty motivating.
Thanks for motivating bloggers like me.

E-Mail: www.sandeeplochansharma@yahoo.in

Anonymous said...

It has been a while since I last commented on your blog. Since this is your centurion post, I will compensate it with the longest comment I have ever made on any blog on the Internet. Let me tell you why I am in complete awe of your blog and you.

1) Dedication: Well, it's not easy to keep blogging for 1608 days and still come up with something unique. It's sheer awesomeness. The feat you've achieved is the result of your dedication.

2) Dogged- Determination- You're so determined to keep going. I mean to say that at our age it's really to keep doing something on a regular basis. I know a plethora of guys who start something, but end up quitting. I am no different. But, you come from an altogether different league, my friend.

3) Simplicity: Your blog is an epitome of simplicity. People tend to complicate things because they think it's cool. But, you keep things simple and ensure that your blogs are understood by everyone. You're a polished form of Chetan Bhagat .... So, why did I call you "polished form"? 2 reasons... A) You rarely talk rubbish stuff.. B) You don't try to sound like you're a Guru...

4) Persistence- I have seen you go through really tremulous times. There were days, especially when you failed in final exams, you were really down. You stopped blogging for sometime, but you came back with a bang. It takes true courage to persist when life is throwing lethal bouncers and beamers at you.

5) Respectful: I have noticed on your blog that you've always been respectful towards the sentiments of people. It's hard to find an instance when you posted a blog, which could be disrespectful or bad in taste to a certain section of society. It's easy to get carried away and use this huge platform to voice our opinion without giving a damn about what others think. You seem have mastered the art of ensuring that nobody gets hurt still putting your point of view.

Keep writing and keep inspiring people in your own special way. Very few people are able to do what they love. You, my friend, are blessed to be literally living it for all these years. God Bless You.

PS: I am not here to win some book or prize. My sole intention to leave this comment was to let you know that I respect and regard you as a person and a blogger. Keep rocking.


Mandeep said...

I wont write a huge commenting on congratulating you on your 1000 blog post, its a huge achievement, and your success makes this line so true,


Anamika said...

Congratulations Abhilash…I won’t say dt im short of wrds today bt actually after reading dis flagship pst der is so much going around my mind..Today I really feel blessed..Blessed dt I’ve bn following u frm last 2 years..i guess I dnt need to say dt again dt u r my favorite author n no doubt u’ll remain to be..1000th blogpst is indeed a big achievement..I’m grateful to Sai whose hs given me dis lyf n an opportunity dt I cn witness dis day..I’m grateful to him for each single day dt hs passed by n also for every single dream of urs dt hs turned into reality..I wld also lyk to Thank u from d bottom of my heart for allowing someone lyk me to be a reader n a smart part of dis journey ..U hv truly made it large n yes I must say dt somewhere Ur posts hv made a house in my mind n I cn relate to dem in such a way dt many in dt list of 1000 blgpsts will continue to remain der as a beautiful memory..I jst can’t Thank u enough for all d regular updates..I really wish n pray for u dt u continue to inspire me n d lakhs around u..as I always say Keep writing..Live ur dream n Stay Blessed :)

Veena said...

Very interesting blogs...wishing you good luck !!

Unknown said...

On your 1000th blog one word is not enough... that i know but still this much English i know & that word is AWESOME !!!! your path of success & somewhere loneliness....is because of us it is filled ..as you say ! but its just because YOU !
Your blog ..YOUR thought ...your mind with awesome ideas and truth......this success which is becuse of us ...is just coz u write so awesome!!! be what you are !
The blog you write inspired Me...to books which you wrote and many more..is true!
I still remember I read your first blog which was some where around 300th to 400th which inspired me...& then from that moment i haven't miss your single blog... if i did i read it in night by staying awake which you know i tweet it on your twitter account...i love your blog what you speak...on twitter or Facebook or on your blog its just what a reader wants or a follower wants :-) & also i want is keep blogging with this awesomeness...which you have :-)
I m your FOLLOWER will be...with you only !!#support ..will be with you forever ....KEEP GOING..SIR ..!!! :-)
SIR KEEPING YOUR ARB style forever :-)

asit said...

Will comment on this once I reach Home...tears in eyes..khushi ke aasu..congratulations..loved it ...love you but I am straight..:-P

Soulmate said...

Abhilash, congratulations on the 1000th achievement! India is proud to have Sachin Tendulkar taking birth in India. But Indian bloggers, authors and readers are proud to have you taking birth in this century and fortunate enough to be reading your blogs. :)

Is there any topic about which you have not written so far? Its a big N.O.P.E. That makes you a consistent and great blogger in the country.

Your dedication towards writing is very admirable. Writing to enrich the lives of those who read-that's what you have been aiming in your every blogpost. Many dream about it, few attempt it. You have successfully implemented it every time so far. May you continue doing so in future!

You give immense respect to your readers. Thumbs up to that. Maybe I'll never get to meet you personally. But I so hope that I do meet you sometime. I don't want to meet my favourite Bollywood stars or Indian Cricketers. If you are sitting next to Salman Khan, I would ask you for your autograph first and a request for a mobile click. Maybe I'll hand over the mobile to Salman to click the picture. That is if he allows :)

Co-incidentally, I made gajar ka halwa today. Dedicating that virtually to this blog and to every reader who has been attached to this platform so far. May this blog sweetly prosper with amazing speed and excellent writings in future. Cheers to everyone!

On a final note, Abhilash, I would like to thank you sincerely for giving your valuable time to your (impatient?) readers. Sai Baba would be smiling today on seeing you accomplishing such a big task in such a short notice with so much hardwork and concentration. May his blessings always shower on you and on the three magical words invented in the history of Indian Blogging- ARB. Keep writing. :)

RDH Sir (Rajesh D. Hajare) said...

Congrats ARB.. For ur great achievement with this NOT OUT 1000th Blog.. You know that you are my alltime favourite blogger that I have already mentioned in my acknowledgement of my blog..
This is not a little achievemement.. I am also blogging since more than 1yr. & could not write even 100 blog yet.. I know its how strange to maintain consistency in blogging for constant 1608 day.. I see this consistency in only 2 blogger's blog.. one are you & I think you know about another one is mine & yours too favourite blogger Superstar Big B (Amitabh Bachchan)..
Your this blog will will inspire to all other bloggers including me.. I don't have a word to express more on this auspicious moment for you as an author & us as reader.. CONGRATS..!!
-Rajesh D. Hajare
Email- www.rdh@gmail.com

Piyush naik said...

hi Abhilash,

i have been following ARB since a long time now. i still remainder the day when i had visited ARB by mistake. it was the time i was in 10th grade and boards where about the corner. i search something in google and saw a link to ARB... it was the blog you had written about your 12th. from that time i had been regular reader of ARB.
i dont know how or why but whenever ARB completed 500th post or 700th post i felt proud as if it was my own blog, you have inspired a lot of people by various posts you write. the dedication you have for it is same as Sachin Tendulkar has for cricket, or Amitabh Bachan has for movies. and i'm sure with this dedication the day is not far when i will be the part to see 10,000 blog post.
i feel inspired with the way you manage your time to update the blog regularly, i know how hard it is to write. your reviews, are just the best and even gives a boast to new authors.
keep the good work going, keep the flame of reading alive, keep ARB running with the same speed.

Piyush naik said...

hi Abhilash,

i have been following ARB since a long time now. i still remainder the day when i had visited ARB by mistake. it was the time i was in 10th grade and boards where about the corner. i search something in google and saw a link to ARB... it was the blog you had written about your 12th. from that time i had been regular reader of ARB.
i dont know how or why but whenever ARB completed 500th post or 700th post i felt proud as if it was my own blog, you have inspired a lot of people by various posts you write. the dedication you have for it is same as Sachin Tendulkar has for cricket, or Amitabh Bachan has for movies. and i'm sure with this dedication the day is not far when i will be the part to see 10,000 blog post.
i feel inspired with the way you manage your time to update the blog regularly, i know how hard it is to write. your reviews, are just the best and even gives a boast to new authors.
keep the good work going, keep the flame of reading alive, keep ARB running with the same speed.

Unknown said...

I have it short,sweet and crisp. I can understand your emotion. In this era a blog and a well maintained one takes you a lot of places, no doubts about that. but its so much put into one good post. Its your time after a long tired day, where one starts reading a book to write a review, or writes one that he finished reading a t wee hours in the morning, you try to give a review by the committed deadline though you are ill or tired, or at the end of the day when you would want to watch the latest movie, you still have to that research for your next blogpost and the movies just keep accumulating in your computer.

I really congratulate you for going on unstopped till 1000 posts and salute your dedication and commitment behind the same. May you always write, and write all the more better each day!

This blog post is also an answer to all those people who think bloggers are for free and have no business. I would like to challenge them saying, can you discipline yourself and achieve what this man has? I dare you!!!

(please dont count this entry for choosing winners)

Asit Chaurasia said...

Now finally my internet is working..was waiting for this moment..:)
Firstly a big congratulations to you for this great achievement and success. This blog is a perfect blog to thanks each and everyone loved it a lot..:D :D
It makes me so happy and excited to read and comment on this blog so for you this moment would be which i cant describe.

Now coming to your 1000 blogs.
Well i can say that i have read most of the blogs which you have written and after each blog it makes me think about that situation, news, happiness, etc. Reading all the blogs it motivates me, it helps me to become a good human being, how to respect each and everyone and small small things which matters the most in one's life.
I rarely read newspaper or see news channel but the only one source of getting news is from your blogs and your tweets which you do it regularly.
Ek baat hai jo newspaper and news channels mein maza nai hai woh tumhare blogs aur tweets mein hote hai..:)

You cover each and every topic in today's world and that helps me to keep updated with the news, hot and spicy stories, your feelings and situations, keeping yourself in that situation, etc.

ABHILASH as a person.

He is a person that i want to become in my life. His nature, attitude, thinking, talking to people, solving their problems, helping them in any situation, motivating each and everyone, and lot more which makes him a “PERFECT”. I am very much thankful to GOD that i met a perfect and best person like you. I am no one to judge you but you play an important role in my life.

You always keep motivating me, and seeing you i have also started pushing my self. I got my graduation college because of you, i got my Post graduation college because of you. You helped me during my exams from graduation, giving me tips again and again. Your explanation with perfect “Examples” which makes me think even more. You always helped me in making my carrier and showed my the right path. Thank you so much bhai..:D

In simple sentence, you are a “PERFECTIONIST”.

You have shown people how to respect, handle situations, managing their time, being kind to each and everyone, etc and i am one of them.

This is the first time i have ever commented so big, how it was possible even i don’t know. But surely it was only possible when the name comes “ABHILASH:

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Veeru :)


Someone is Special said...

Congratulations ARB! 1000 is a huge achievement... It needs dedication and love to pen down thousand posts in 4 years and 4 months.. Hats off to you! Keep writing and loads of good luck to you!!!

Someone is Special

Anu Lal said...

Congratulations Abhilash! May your limits still stretch farther.

__Anu Lal__
The Indian Commentator
__Wall of Colours and Other Stories__

nikhimenon said...

i think i have been following you for a very long time,though have commented less i had the habit of reading all your posts till date.I wish you all the best in life and should also tell that your writing has improved in due course of time

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