13 April 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Mistake! Huh! by Ishita Bhown!!! (Guest Post)


        Miss Ishita Bhown is one of the youngest authoresses today. Her first book- "To Get Her" is already one of the favorite novels of youth. I have been her friend since her book released. I generally don't talk to authors but her humbleness is something that is to be complimented. She has promised to write on our Blog space every month on 13th. 


        It was around 7.30 already. Neelima had returned after a tiring day at office and all she needed was a gush of fresh air. Immediately she changed into her track pants, took her I-pod and set towards the colony garden. The lush green garden of the posche locality was one of her favorite places to hangout. The well maintained trees and the flower beds, the cemented track for walkers and the separate inner ring for the joggers, the fountains, the smooth bed of grass…all was her idea of relaxing .
         It was almost a routine now. Though the daily incidences of eve teasing had made her parents were a little hesitant to allow her for the evening strolls..yet safety was the perk of residing in the rich localities. People often relate richness in wealth with richness in mannerisms. Atleast that is what her parents thought, their daughter was safe in the vigil eyes of the guards evenly distributed within short distances in their locality.
       The park, as usual was lively. The kids played around, while the young couples walked hand in hand. There were many others like her- fitness freaks, who had started to follow Idea’s idea of “walk and talk”..:-)
          Half hour of her favourite music and brisk walk, Neelima was almost done within 45  minutes. Despite everything, she remembered her mothers strict instructions of returning back latest by 8pm. 
         Most of the other people too started leaving for their home. Some of the park lights were already turned off, as an indication to the visitors that the exit gates would be closed at 8.30 pm.
         It was her last round of walk, she loved the song currently played on the ipod, and thus decided to walk for a few more minutes, to complete the song. 
Suddenly, a guy coming from the opposite direction turned towards her, groped her left breast shamelessly, and casually continued walking.
         She froze for a moment- unable to understand what had just happened. Within a second, her shock was replaced by anger. She looked at her watch, and immediately recalled her mothers advise! Mothers know the world! She did not really regret staying out till so late, but felt aghast- not just at the man’s guts..but at her own response. 
She should have done something. She had to do something.
           Within a minute, she turned and started walking in the guy’s direction. She knew that there were a few kids and a group of people hardly a minutes walk away. The guy had merely taken advantage of the dark patch in the walking track. The guy, as expected could sense being followed..and so he increased his pace. Neelima too increased her pace.
            The guy turned to look at her, and his expressions changed. His looks suggested that he was not a guy, but a man of around 50 years. Age had still not been able to teach him the manners and decency to deal with females. Probably a public bash could do the trick. The confidence that boozed out of him a minute ago, was now replaced by fear. He started running. Neelima too ran behind him. She knew that she was in a safe zone now. She could embarrass the guy, like he had embarrassed her. 
                She shouted loudly …” Bhaagta kyu hai?? Aa yaha baat krte hai!”
Her volume gained attention of the people around, who looked towards them curiously.
A few steps before the light, and the activity zone, the man suddenly stopped. Neelima too stopped. 
             “I am sorry . It happened by mistake.” He apologized sheepishly. 
            Maybe he had realized that his public image was now at stake, that the girl he had teased was not a meek one, and that it was better to sort out the matter in person than force the public to involve the security guards.He knew running away from Neelima could not help him run away from the park. That a running teenager , and other people could beat him up within a few minutes.
            “You manage cheap mistakes !” Neelima roared with anger, before placing a tight slap on his cheek. Without even regarding his age, or control over her volume.
“Better try these mistakes with your wife or daughter uncle!” she added furiously.
              By now the people around clearly understood the scene.
              They too cursed him and warned the security guards to be more active.

          Of course the man could not be sent to jail for a mistake as small as this..yet Neelima ensured that at least one man in this society could never do that mistake again. That gave her the satisfaction that goes beyond description.

An advice for all the girls out there! “Mistakes” happen frequently..they will never be stopped unless you punish the culprits!


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