11 April 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Kehne Ko Saath Apne Ek Duniya Chalti Hai... Par... :-)

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    World progresses very fast. It does not wait for anyone. Time does not stop and every thing happens in a hurry. I am surprised to see the amount of changes that has happened in just a small course of time that I have been aware of. You never know when the things might advance. Every time there's a fear within me that I would be left behind. There's always an inferiority complex when I meet people who have advanced with time. When I being the person of this new generation feels insecure and left-out among such GenX people, I can totally understand what condition the old generation faces. Why do they feel awkward when a son/daughter asks their parents to visit mall with them. Why do they feel conscious when they are being taken by us to McDonald's for a burger and two. Why do they don't want to order things at restaurants because they fear that they might not pronounce the right word or the waiter would come to know that they are not used to these activities. 

            I have always kept myself updated. I love collecting knowledge and then spreading it too. That's a different thing that people around me don't need the knowledge through me because I don't leave talking on a topic within couple of minutes. I am that boring lecturer who keeps on giving useless examples to generate the feeling of excitement among his audience and there I fail. :-) Even when I am updated with no more synchronization needed, I still feel that I am so behind than few people who talk of things in a way that I feel I was not in the same world for last 10 years and have landed again after a decade. The basic change that I find in people which I don't understand as to why is it even necessary to call any item with a new upgraded version of its name. Let me give you an example. 

            When for the very first time I heard "Assignments" I was excited to know what this activity is which college people often talk about. When I asked and came to know that its nothing but the same "Homework" that I got in school days, I wanted to kick any college student who would come across me next. :-) Why do girls need to call "Nail Polish" bloody "Nail Paint" is still a research work for me. I am still wondering as to what modernization does it states. The change of Husband into Hubby, Friend into buddy, couple of friends into guys, girls into chicks is still something for which I want to rewind back the time of Earth. I am hating these changes. These lingos sound stylish and good but the person speaking it should make it sure that the one who he is talking to is aware of these changes in this fast-changing world. This progress is really an unwanted one but still it is the first choice of people.

             Recently, one of my friend called her 3/4th pyjama "harem". I never ever heard this word. "Blackheads" is something that comes on our faces. I never heard this word from anyone in last so many years. I only knew that any thing that comes on face is called "pimple". Such changes makes me feel as if I am so old or so rural that I don't even deserve to stand with this generation. I don't understand as to how much more awareness is needed to keep myself shoulder to shoulder with my generation. The same happens with our parents when we use the basic words such as MB GB iPhone McD Wi-Fi Notebook etc. I understand their plight too emphatically as I experience this every another day. Hence, when any elder asks me to describe them something which I am quite familiar with but they aren't, I take out my time and help them understand the concept because I don't want any one to feel depressed and left-out in this fast progressing world. This post is to tell about my personal trauma regarding this upgradation among people of my generation but still I will ask all of you to support left-outs like me. It really feels bad to stay out of conversation or feel awkward when someone uses a term and asks a question regarding it to us and we are unable to say anything. Understand me and victims like me. :-) 

 Thanks in advance.


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Unknown said...

God bless u bro! Keep spreading ur knowledge :-)

Unknown said...

Hey AR, its a nice attempt!

Sometimes even i feel i am the odd one out

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Sanjeet and Rachna mam

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