10 April 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

When Goddesses decide to land down on Earth!!!

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    In life, people come and go. Every thing seems to be temporary after some times. We are always unsure about few things that are close to us. But the only thing that we are always assured about is no one else but our Mothers. Mother is such an important part of our life that she stays with us in every ups and downs. She makes it sure that we are well even when she knows that nothing in world can please us at the moment. She is always careful about us. She manages the whole world but before that, she always try to feed her children first. She can leave world for her child. She can sacrifice any damn thing but can never do anything that sounds unfavorable for her child. There are innumerable examples where a mother has parted ways with her husband because he was coming in between of her child's progress. For the whole life, a mother takes an adamant oath of living alone and nourishing her child even when she knows the path is all difficult and dangerous from here. Never in life do I think of hurting my mother badly. Occasional fighting and arguments are part of life but I make it sure that anything I do will make my mother proud of me. Anything I do will never make her feel ashamed of her son. Though the things don't remain same always but still I keep trying. Every time I achieve something, my mother is the first person I call. I know the amount of pure love she has for me. Never in life can she think of profiteering from me and my position. She will give me things but will never take anything that is mine. This is how lovely my mother is. Today she turns 46 years old. It happens, according to me, only once in life that the age of mother is exactly double of her son's. This is currently the state with me and my mom. I am 23 and she has turned 46 today. I am exactly half of her. :-)

              My mother is one lady whom I have seen continuously working since I gained my consciousness. I see myself resting sometimes or going out of form but this lady has never said," Beta, aaj main bimaar hoon. Jaa bahaar se khaana le aa". Let any situation come, she is always ready to do what comes under her duty. She makes it sure that she never misses out her responsibilities. I don't remember a single day when she has not given me college tiffin saying that she is in certain problems or calamities. It is me who plays with her, switches her alarm off to make her sleep little more as she works for the whole day which results in making her wake up late and then I miss my tiffin. But that is all because of me. From her side, what I have experienced is just perfection. Any time, I call her and say that I am bringing this and this number of friends and she never over-reacts or fall at her knees. She says with confidence,"Theek hai. Aur kisi ko bahaar khaane mat dena main bana rahi hoon". This is her aura. She does to make it sure that no one faces any problem until and unless she is present on Earth and around them. 

              My successes give her strength while my failures break her. But as life is not in control of anyone, I can just see her plight but can never change the situation for her. The only thing that is possible for me is to work harder. A little support is all that I ask from her. I get it but as it is said, in bad times, the one who does the most for you seems to be the biggest criminal. And I shout at her some times. How sad! But this one thing is too humane. Hence I sometimes think that its not even in my control. But whatever, at the end of the day, it's all love and dedication plus devotion for her. I want to make her experience almost every thing that she has not from last 4.5 decades of her life and 2.4 decades of her marriage. Only when I'll fulfill all her wishes and also those things which has never come into her imaginations to fulfill will I consider myself a genuine ideal son. 

               My mother has given me what even I was incapable of giving myself. Being a boy, there are certain limitations that I have been unable to cross but she being a lady has achieved almost every thing that she can. I don't know how does she have this amount of energy and accomplishment in life. She will always remain to be an idol for me. She manages her house, kitchen, relations and every damn thing while I am unable to manage whatever things I have considered as my habit. The day I'll feel that I am as successful as her, I'll feel that I have accomplished everything in life. Even my father has surrendered himself against her. :-) On this 46th Birthday, I promise her that I will give her the Veeru she has not even dreamed of. I have best potentials. Yes. Because I am her son. :-) And being her son, I know that I can achieve anything as some genes of hers play a part in me too. :-) May God Always Bless Her. I need all of you to pray for her good health.



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