23 April 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Books should be the Biggest Part of Our Lives!!! Happy World Book Day!!!

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            Determine a life for me and I would say that remove all the aspirations and entertainments that you have added to it for the sake of inclusion of books. For me, my life is interesting, motivating, captivating and improving only when I am involved with books. Lots of books. I just can't imagine a single week when I would not be reading a book but doing every thing else to keep myself entertained. My parents are not very much used to going for family trips as middle class-ness has always taken its toll over our budget. But every time that a planning or a rough sketch of how the whole trip would begin and end up being like begins, the only thought that conquers my mind is that how I have to make most of the trip my indulging myself in the world of books. In 2009, I and my mummy visited her hometown which takes 30 hours for us to reach there by train. I took 6 books with me because I knew that let any number of relatives be present there, I won't get satisfaction and pleasure until I would be lost in the stories scripted in these thick and thin books. Unfortunately, I completed 3 of those books in this period of journey itself. I was left with only 3 books when I actually reached the place. But still the will to read and read a lot didn't flee away. I kept repeating these 6 books for the whole month and the moment I was on the railway station again after a month, I purchased 3 books from the Wheeler's store and spent my return journey with both my eyes glued in the pages of these books. :-)

            Today is World Book Day. More than any other day, I find myself attached with this as closely as I am attached with my mother in real life. :-) I just can't imagine what my personality would have been if I have not been a reader of this kind. I always pick a book to learn something from it. If I learn, the book is 5 on 5 for me. But if I find a tale that has no specific connection with my life or its progress, I discard it. I talk as bad as I can about it because I want to make the author understand that writing a book is not only about getting published and enjoying the tag of "An Author", but its about changing lives of people. I have found a very vast change in me since I have made books my very best friend. Though I give importance to the humans whom I call my best/close friends but still, I know one day all would go if I'll start behaving weird. And the knowledge and stability that the books provide me makes me understand these relationships better. I perform well here and people become more possessive about me. Yes, some of them keeps saying that I am less of a normal human being and more of a character right out of one of the epic novels. :-) 

          Let it be rainy season, I complement it because it creates a very breezy, augmenting and wonderful ambiance around me. That makes me enjoy the book more than I enjoy it at any other point of time. Then, let the winter come. I still cherish the season because reading a book by keeping my whole body warm under a blanket is yet another beautiful moment in life. Talking about summer, I don't actually imagine the season as a very good option for reading a book but again, I see it as a good opportunity. Rather than hanging out around in this scorching heat of Mumbai, reading a book in your bedroom seems to be the only good option in this season. What say? Hence, this world of books have seriously changed my whole mindset. Every hour, I think about the next 5 or 10 books that I have to read. My exams have not yet begun but I have already planned the sequence in which I have to read books in the vacations to keep myself in a journey where I travel from the circumstances of one character to the another. :-)

             Stories make us travel paths that we can never afford to chose or are still not experienced of it. I remember one book that describes how an average Indian student gets internship in Russia and how he deals with the Russians out there. The way he handles the new environment even when its his first time when he has landed up somewhere outside India, it gave me the confidence of managing myself well in a place where I won't have people of my kind, my ascent, my culture, my language etc. This is how book influences life. Book broadens the mind and tells us about those hidden faces of society and world that we have never ever experienced. Hence, we always know how to face certain circumstances when it comes later in our life. We refer to our favorite protagonist as to what he did when he met the same situation in the pre-climax scenario of the book. :-)

               Every time I find someone reading a novel at a platform or in local train or in mall, it turns me on. I like seeing them traveling places. I want to befriend such people. I want to talk about books with them. It energizes me. I always ask my friends to invest their money in books because nothing else in life will ever give them as much as each word written in a good book does. One thing that has to be remembered is- Only a good book serves best. Reading any damn book is of no good. Hence, I am myself in this review industry where I help people chose good books. Once when I wanted to commit suicide and end the struggles of life, 10 books written by Robin Sharma motivated me and made me develop up to this level where I find myself content with almost every thing in life. I don't compete with anyone anymore. I keep competing with myself. I got to learn that life is to lead and not to sit behind and watch the game. Hence, any one who asks me to help them in choosing good books, I suggest them these 10 books that changed my life which no one was able to do, not even parents. :-)

               What can be a better job in life to read books in an open balcony or a great flat? We travel so many paths and corners of the world through books which we can never ever practically visit. We live so many characters that we start understanding the society and friends better. Today I understand everyone right from my parents to a stranger in a local train. Why? Because everyone of them are been explained in all the books that I have read till now. The only reason that I review so many books without really stopping is because I want my blog readers to get interested in reading. I want everyone to read books because that's the only place where you will always get love and knowledge. The world might ditch you but the knowledge that the books give never gets trashed as wastage. You get a chance to apply them once in a time in life. My contribution to the society should always remain the most when the word "books" come as the content. That's my wish and that's what I do. I am part of this intellectual society which creates books and I am extremely proud of this. I thank God almost 10 times daily to give me an easy entry in this world of writers, authors, poets, bloggers, publishers, reviewers etc. On this World Book Day, I just want all of you to get indulged in reading books as there is nothing better than this in life. :-)



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vidit said...

Read the last 400 pages of storm of swords this day (didnt sleep for 27 con hrs).
P.s. A storm of swords is 1256 page long :-)
though i still am waiting fr uff ye emotions :-( :-(

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