15 April 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

4th Anniversary of Relationship with Mumbai :-)

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This pic is clicked by me on 29th March, 2013. MARINE DRIVE!!!
         On the same day, on 15th April but in 2009, I landed up on this land of Mumbai. A hope already sparked my heart that life would change. Mumbai was equivalent to New York and Paris for me as just like them, I only heard about it, its local train, its crowd, its Marine Drive, Mumbai CST, Bandra, Andheri, celebrities etc. but never lived here. I always knew that going to any place outside India will only be possible if I study very well or luck is with me. :-) But Mumbai is possible. And I would never ever thank my father more than anything else for choosing Mumbai for us to live life long. My life wasn't very ideal in Nashik, the city where I was before landing up at Mumbai. Hence, I wanted some bigger and worthy reformation that could have given me a sense of sparkle about my life. The migration to Mumbai gave me confirmation that the best is now to come. And since, I have landed here, I have experienced all those things which an average person can't experience. I am also living a life among one class of a celebrity, I am working with them. This makes me even better than a large percentage of people residing in Mumbai itself. :-) 

          I have lived in so many cities but I haven't found the kind of positivism that Mumbai makes me feel. It keeps reminding you that you are standing up on the part of the Earth that is noticed a lot and has opportunity for everyone. It gives a satisfaction and validation that I would never die hungry here. It shows me its population and tells that a small amount of population out of this will always be interested in whatever I'll sell or market. This is a basic confirmation which Mumbai gives to everyone who comes here in its arms. Thankfully, it accepted me too with lots of love and belongings. I just can't imagine myself in any other city since I have started my life here. I got my 12th std's result here, gave my CET for Graduation here, got my Graduation degree by a college standing with its head high here, I again gave a CET for admission in Post Graduation and finally I am going to complete one year of my P.G. here. All the effective-life-changing experiences has been witnessed here hence Mumbai has become like a parent to me.

            Every time, I visit a posh location in Mumbai and see skyscrapers with beautiful carvings and designs, a will to dream infinitely surpasses my mind again. I feel like working more harder so that I can be able to purchase a good decent flat in one of such buildings. Every time I see a beautiful dessert or eating space in Mumbai which are meant only for riches, I take an owe that I won't leave the passion of doing something great in life so that I can bring my children at such places in branded cloths. Every time I see numerous fancy and un-affordable cars stuck in traffic here, I feel to own one so that I can also go for long rides. Though the crowd, traffic and some irregularities here frustrates me sometimes but its fine when there are other finer things than them to think about. I can not rate a bad Mumbai over good Mumbai in any case. I will always see the pragmatic points of it. Because when you really see that something is making your best to come out, you just can't leave it for some unworthy quality that it possesses, right? :-)

              I don't know what future beholds for me but I definitely know that this city is going to give me the amount of fame I have dreamed in my mind to carry with me. I want people to recognize me for the good work that I do and will be doing later on in my life. I want myself to get best credit for my work and that is not possible anywhere in India except in Mumbai. I will always get that I deserve only in this part of city. And whenever I'll feel that I have been stopped from getting what I think I deserve, I'll understand that there's some lack in my efforts and will push myself more harder. Because Mumbai also says one thing- It only gives to those who don't stop. The one who rests has to leave this city because it has no place for losers, cowards and lazies. Last 4 years have been fabulous and unforgettable. I hope next 4 years will change my life more. Let's see. :-)


 ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU!!! A Proud Mumbaikar!!!

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vidit said...

Ho jayega yaar, kitne bloggers h jinke about 4 lakh readers h.......bindaas.
Or jab badi mehnat se koi article likho or koi appreciate na kare to galti apni nai hoti.........bas bada gussa ata h or DIMAG KI DAHI ho jati h.

Writing Buddha said...

Hey Vidit, how do u know my number of readers?

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