22 April 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Don't Judge People's Past!!! Instead, Build Their Future!!!

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   Every thing seems to be nice. Sometimes nicer. And sometimes perfect. You and me can never know what the next minute has for us. We run in our lives. Sometimes we even drag ourselves when we find that we are not up to the mark with the targets and deadlines. We are always happier. We deal with people. We deal with our parents. We deal with so many people and situation concurrently that sometimes one or the another does not end up being in the same way as we want them to be. And it affects us badly. Because of it, we end up ruining all our activities. We end up killing many relations, many contacts, many opportunities, many chances etc. Some times we don't even realize that we have ended up being alone or villain because of things that have happened with us. I hope all of you have related with some or the other situation of your life when you have gone through the same. Now, don't sympathize with yourself. Empathize with others. Think about others now.

             There are so many times when we judge others. We leave them for their past. We leave them because of some or many of their traits which are sin, disloyal and invalid according to our moral and values. We discard them because we feel that they have been up to an extent at which a human can only go when he can have no respect for others or even for himself. But there are many such situations that we have ourselves faced in our lives. Its just that we coped up with it or we didn't let anyone know about it. This does not mean that we are better than any of them. We are one of them. Just imagine if people start devaluing you just because of some of the illegalities that you have committed in your past which you want to desperately change but unfortunately, a past remains the way it is. The only option that a human being has is to move forward and leave all that is left behind. To start a new day from this minute itself, give a wide smile and move forward to hit the another jackpot in the way. 

             But can one really start a new life if the people around him/her does not accept him/her with the past? This is as wrong as spitting on someone's face just because you find that they have a darker complexion in comparison to your's. If you have traveled 40 kilometer on a 100-kilometer long path that is immoral and unacceptable does not mean that you are better than someone who has traveled 75 kilometer over it. Yes you are better than him/her but your 40 kilometers are bad than someone who has traveled for just 5 or 10 kilometers. Right? So when you want to be accepted by someone who is better than you, you should also learn to accept someone who has not been better than you in past. In this life of 25 years of ours(consider your age), we didn't have these persons before. We have got them just now. Let's forgive them for their immoral past. Lets try to make them get over those days. I was being given chance once hence I am this good today that some of you say that you want to acquire some of my habits and etiquette. Otherwise there has been those parents too who asked their kids to not chit-chat or stay with me because my past has not been the way a parent want their kids' to be. So, now as you have got these people now, guide them from here rather than judging their life which wasn't perfect before your arrival.

               This world is full of sufferings and one has to overcome from the sufferings one has been in. There was one of my friends who told me that he slapped him father and left his house. When I asked him why did he do that he told me something that shocks me even today. I didn't judge him for thrashing his father just because I consider mine as God. This was his past. Just because he shared this too sensitive thing with me does not mean that I will punish him for that. He remained a good friend until I left Pune one day. If a girl has slept with 10 ex-boyfriends in the past. It might be because she had a very depressing life at her home and she wanted some sort of activities that could have made her forget the nuisance that she underwent daily. If we would judge that girl only because we got to know about her past through some common friend of some other college, just tell me how injustice it would be with this girl who is now a very proud single and happy with life. She can't bring her virginity back. She can't say proudly that I am afresh and single since birth. But if we support her now, she can at least say after 20 years that since this point of time, my life has been as clean as any transparent thing. Isn't it?

              Let's not reject someone for their past. I have always been very frank with my friends and all of you, my readers. I have assured everyone that their past won't make me feel any bad for them or it won't make me judge. I have always opened myself quite frankly on this space. Considering this, I have always made others comfortable to discuss any thing with me. I know that past is always a reflection of what we were but not what we are. It only adds experience in our life. Yes, confessing some of our activities in public seems to be shameful but you should do it yourself before someone else does it for you who knows this particular secret of yours. Be always proud of what your past has been even if it has been something that you have almost forgot because it was too bad to even remember once in 5 years. So friends, the only request is to not reject or bash people for their past. Accept them. Let them feel good about their lives. Let them feel that they have not committed a crime but just a silly mistake. But also make them realize that the mistakes repeated yet again in future will cost them badly as life is in a mature phase now. But change the lives of these people. Yours will automatically change in a very huge manner. But devote yourself in bringing these people back to life. 

 That's all. 



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