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Myntra vs Indiaplaza!!! Guest Post by Himanshu Agarwal!!!

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     Himanshu Agarwal likes to write about travel, businesses and e-commerce. He is also the co-founder of Couponlava.com which provides latest and working coupons for almost all online stores in India. 

             Abhilash has shared ample of his wisdom through his blog. Sometimes, reading his blog feels like browsing over one's own thoughts. He has been very patient with his blog and posted a lot of useful content. I feel honoured and proud to have been allowed to post a guest article at his blog. I hope you will enjoy it. :)


Is Myntra Mighty Enough To Oust Indiaplaza?

The internet population in India is slowly getting set to go online for its purchases. The numbers of online purchasers are increasing in India, though a vast section of the society still engages doubts about the genuinity of these online stores. The questions that lurk the minds of the buyers are addressed adequately by some online stores and hence online stores are slowly becoming sought by the public. Moreover, online stores have been using effective marketing strategies to be registered in the buyers’ minds. Quality products for low price and wide range of buying options are the secrets behind the success of online stores. All online stores follow these simple rules while some excel with their unique offers and customer service. Let us see if Myntra and Indiaplaza perform better than abide by the basic rules and if Myntra could compete with Indiaplaza, its senior by many years.

Are Myntra And Indiaplaza On The Same Platform?

Myntra made its online presence in 2007. The products of Myntra include apparels, footwear and accessories such as wallets, jewellery, watches and perfumes. Indiaplaza entered into online selling in the year 1999. This senior online store has stunning collections across various categories such as apparels, baby products, cameras, electronic appliances, health products, cosmetics, jewellery, mobiles, foot wear and sports goods. The product category clearly shows that Myntra and Indiaplaza do not share the same platform. However, Indiaplaza’s performance in product availability is not up to the mark. Some categories do not have any products to offer and the categories seem to be included just to project product range. Where apparels, footwear and accessories are concerned, Myntra does impressively well when compared to Indiaplaza. Hence, in spite of the categories listed, Indiaplaza’s performance does not match Myntra’s.

Who Sells Better Quality For Reasonable Price?

Ensuring quality of products and offering them for a discounted price make an online store popular with the public. Both Myntra and Indiaplaza perform well as far as quality of products and rates are concerned. The online stores offer branded items and hence quality of products can be depended upon by the customers. The rates are competitive and Myntra and Indiaplaza offer Myntra promo codes and Indiaplaza discount coupons to give their customers better discounts.

How Great Is Their Customer Service?

The interest and enthusiasm displayed by most of the online stores in selling their products disappear once the transaction is complete. It is indeed sad to note that these online stores assume that the deal is over once the payment has been made by the customer. An effective business would never consider a deal to be over. On the contrary, it would consider it an ongoing process with the buyer making repeated visits to the store. A satisfied customer brings in more customers while a customer who leaves unhappy prevents much more customers from accessing the store. Most of the online stores tend to overlook the basic quality essential for a business, which is quality customer service.

Myntra and Indiaplaza do not do well in customer service. Myntra does a bit better but it is considered to be slow in its response whereas Indiaplaza seems to hardly respond. In spite of the poor customer service, these stores have regular customers, which goes to show that they have the stuff to perform better and offer quality products and services. Until they get to prove themselves in this area, it would be futile to consider them effective competitors.


  Himanshu Agarwal!!!

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Very nice blog. Online shopping has really effected people's life as it has many different positive points. I think myntra has a good costumer service as it delivery has become faster than before and keep a check after delivering too as it has started the returning policy for which they have to make contact with their costumers and also as to increase their sales also they have to have contacts with their costumers.

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