10 April 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Dimaag ki Dahi Hone Se Bachaayein Khud Ko :-)

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            Hundred of things goes in life. You never have control over some of them. I always see things very passionately and hence I love life and the way it flows. When things come, it comes Chchappad Phaad Ke and when it goes, it goes Pairon Ke Neechey Ki Dharti Hilaa Ke. If things remain average anyhow, you can say that its your sheer luck. Efforts are always been put in any thing that is been done but its not necessary that you will get the same results. Life shatters. And once we see that our life is not in its momentum and the track has been lost, we tend to start losing trust over ourselves. We are the best performer for us till then but once when we see that we are not receiving what we expect, we start cursing ourselves for all the little negatives we find in ourselves then. We start doubting every thing around us. We think that our parents aren't supporting us. We feel that our friends are misusing us. We feel that the teachers are purposely harassing us. We feel that the God has stopped considering us as his favorite child. 

             It may be possible that the things we are thinking and assuming are really happening. But what after it? Should we keep discarding the pleasures of life because of these few things that are not in place even after we have given it all that we had? This is the time when we should turn towards peace. Peace is the only aspect of life which makes us know what really our life is and what really we need from it. Peace makes us realize the true potential we have in us. No one else can tell us what we are good in until and unless we don't know what we are good in. And until and unless we don't talk to ourselves, a solution never comes out. The suggestion and guidance of others definitely works but only when we decide to implement it in our course. We have God in us as said by several Holy books. But do we give time to it? No. Never. We always keep on spending time over Internet and GPRS chatting with our friends. We talk with others. Do we ever take out time and talk to ourselves for at least 15 minutes? Hardly. And until and unless we will not do this, we will never come out of the problems and unwanted struggles of life and the plethora of idiotic thoughts that capture our mind.

              The first method of finding peace is already discussed above. Give time to yourself. Talk to your inner self in a peaceful environment. Second best way is to meditate. Meditation is one easy and best solution to get rid of all the concentration-distracting powers. When you sit with your spine straight and eyes closed and take the name of God in iterations by continuously poking your mind to stay at the name of God rather than thinking and presuming things, you find a totally new and fresh world after 15 minutes of it. You start loving this life. You feel as if you were in heaven for 1000 years and have come out of it just now to feel a world that was in your imagination and desire but never with you; even when you were here itself 15 minutes ago. That is the power of meditation. Since a month, whenever I am getting time, I tune into Astha at 7.10 PM. Brahmakumaris teach us how to meditate and concentrate on things that matter to us and our soul. 

              The last method is to visit the place that you love the most. No, I am not talking about Goa or Ooty where you will get your bank balance affected which will give rise to future tensions. But visit the place in your town/city itself. Recently, I went to Siddhivinayak Temple, Marine Drive, Flora Fountain and Mumbai CST to clean my mind. I was in lots of trauma. I am still in it but I have control over myself now. Then I was feeling dejected and broken. My parents weren't confident about me, they still aren't. My friends left me alone when I thought that they would preach me quotes that I am already familiar with (:-)). My college teachers were snubbing me every day in front of whole class. As all of you may have noticed, I am not even doing well in this field of Blogging and Book reviewing as I have written nothing from a long time. Every thing is out of place. I thought a lot about running away from the Failures but it seemed to be difficult. At last, I made a plan.

              I went to visit these places mentioned above. Roamed a lot. Ate nicely. Enjoyed with friend. Purchased what I wanted to. I didn't care about money that day. And since then, I am at least in my conscious. I know now what I have to do. I still need some time alone and hence I am trying my best to not meet people because all of them will talk about their lives in which I am currently not interested. All of them will ask about my Failures. They will tell me about the changes that has happened in their life. And seriously speaking, my life is currently in a mode where it needs change. A monotonous life has killed enthusiasm. Though my life is inspiring for me. I don't find any glitches in my daily routines but still I needed a change for some time. I needed rest. I needed it for survival. And I am resting by cutting off from the whole world which I don't think cares much about me. And since I have taken this step, life has started giving me surprises and the graph has started moving upwards. It will reach zenith once again and things would be best again. I know this.

             And as the mind is in order because of one of the three steps that I took, I now have all the plan how I have to move ahead from here. How I have to manage studies plus the blogging plus my book plus book reviewing plus friendships plus avoiding so-called friendships plus giving time to parents plus doing every thing that I usually do. And from here, I also want to take my life to a new level. For that, I will do anything to get at position where my life will be secured. Currently, its little see-sawing. I will stabilize it soon. I will have to take some risky steps. I am just prepared/preparing for it. Let's see what's in store for me. But the purpose of writing this post was to tell all of you the three ways I prefer for cleansing my mind and coming out of the struggling phase. I have also uploaded a picture of mine that was clicked at Marine Drive, Mumbai. You will yourself say that I can never look better than this. The face seems to have no tension and pain but it had. But the process of cleansing the mind made every thing look as it's the best part of my life. :-) This is all for tonight.



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