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To Be Continued... by Moeedul Hussain!!!

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          I am done reading this very short book of 180 pages- "To Be Continued..." by Moeedul Hussain. Moeedul Hussain, son of a well known teacher of Assamese Literature from Dhubri, Assam. Though not so favourite amongst his teachers, yet the students of S.P. English Medium High School knew him as a popular host to almost every cultural program at school. He joined the Electronics and Communication Branch at the 'The Oxford College of Engineering' in Bangalore after school. It was in his third year of Engineering when his interest toward reading and writing flared up becoming so intense that it resulted in 'To Be Continued…'; he came up with his first novel by the end of final year. After this book, he is all set to enter into the world of Engineers; but his love and passion for writing continues with his second book currently work-in-progress.

On the night of Valentine's Day, a call from Jess informs Reehan about Anita's attempted suicide. Reehan rushes to the hospital where circumstances forces and fate favours him to spend a lonely night. A journey down the memory lane begins when Reehan introspect the reasons behind his transformation from a shy-guy to a ruthless co-conspirator.

As a teen his life had all colours of love and friendship. His biggest weakness was his emotions. His heart drove his life and was never in control. With failed relations his broken heart took a wrong turn and headed towards a disaster called Anita. 

Find out, what went wrong? Was Reehan actually to be blamed for Anita? Will he make the correct choice for his wandering heart and set it towards the right course?

It's about games that boys play for love and lust. With many losses, yearnings, delusions and journeys the chapters unfolds a story of love, friendship, family, deception, breakups, patch-ups, conspiracy and struggle. Will Reehan's love, life and inner commotion reach to a conclusion?

What will eventually remain… to be continued…!

    Coming to the author, I would say that Moeedul does have a good quality of English unlike other young authors where you find high amount of grammatical errors and inclusion of simple words. He has crafted each sentence beautifully which keeps the pace alive. Even when the story is a college love story, you won't find it much creepy as these days because of lots of such stories in market, we prefer ignoring the genre. It is also evident through the book that Moeedul wants to give a message through his story to all the youngsters and contemporary age group. But the biggest lack that I find in his writing skill is narration. It isn't as good as I was expecting. It is something that can bore you while reading the book. Else, Moeedul has a little space for improvement. If he does that, he can be one of the recommended authors. Currently, he should work little harder.

              Coming to the review, the good phase of the book starts once the half of the book is done. The second phase of the book stands out for me. Initially, the way a character is being shown in the hospital after attempting to suicide and the way protagonist enters the story, you get an urge to go into flashback and know the story and relation between both of them which led them to this scenario. Then as the flashback begins, the book turns little uninteresting. The concept of showing girlfriends-after-girlfriends has never excited me when I read a college campus love story. I always prefer some adventure, traveling part and some parts that can add to the twists and turns to the story. Here it wasn't anything of this kind. 

              But later in the second half, the way story flows with a speed is when you really start liking it. The scenario where the protagonist gets into the bad light in his college is the most exciting phase of the book. The changes his life underwent because of it and the reaction of his parents and family, all makes a delight read in the end. Even the climax is beautifully closed. In all, I would give the book 2.75/5. This book is favorable for all the people belonging in the age group 13-20. I would suggest people who are bored with Indian love stories not to buy this book as there's nothing new in it. It is the same stuff. 



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