30 June 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

I Love You But I Loved Her Too !!! (Part 2)

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        Police came and asked me about the incident and I told them whatever happened. When they came to know that it was the case of the sister of a police and a leader, they went back without writing my report. We already knew that police is not going to register the complain and if I'll try to show any kind of smartness, I'll be banged behind the bars rather than those boys who made Kheema of my body. After 15 days, I was discharged. I started attending my classes back. Now, I promised my self-respect that I'll not look towards her again. I'll only attend the classes with my head straight towards the black board and after the class will be over, I'll directly go to my home rather than sitting with my classmates and talking about the girls of my class. I thought of improving my life. For some days everything was fine and I was coming back to my fun-filled life. I was leaving those bad memories behind.

             But it ended one day and brought a huge difference to my life. I was walking back home after the classes when I heard a girl's voice behind me calling my name. I turned back and saw that she was Preeti's best friend. I asked her to go back rather than talking anything regarding her. She said to me,"Abhilash, she is really sorry for that day. But she wants to talk to you now." Love is Blind and Love is Stupid. It made me to accept her request and I replied,"Ok, call her and this is the last time I will be talking to her. Already my life has turned out to be difficult after that case, I don't want it to die before me." She called her and asked her to come in 5 minutes.

              After 5 minutes, I saw her in Red color suit and white colour salwaar approaching towards me and Ankita(her best friend who stopped me). The tension was visible on her face. As soon as she came near, she stopped at 2 feet distance from me and said,"Hii. How are you?" I replied,"Struggling with the pain your love gifted to me." She kept quiet for next 10 seconds. I kept staring into her eyes with self-confidence and an attitude that I don't need to plead you this time. Its your turn now. Finally she uttered,"Can I reply to the question you asked that day?" I said,"Go and ask your brothers whom you invited that day to thrash me." She replied back with tears in her eyes,"I didn't told them anything. It was someone who saw me talking to you and informed my brother. He was nearby and he came with his friends and thrashed you. I was even crying in pain and I was telling them to stop and leave you." I said,"Ok. Fine. No need to cry now. Say what you wanted to say before your brothers and his friends see us again." She replied,"In these 15 days when I didn't saw you in class, I started missing you. When I asked my friends that I don't feel nice without seeing you, they told me that I have started loving you. You came back 3 weeks ago and you didn't looked in my eyes ever again. This has made my life worst. Please be mine and say Yes to me. I hope you will not do what I did to you that day." 

               As soon as she ended, my heart was chocked and I was shocked after knowing that she started loving me again. After few seconds, Ankita said,"Abhilash, will you speak or you'll keep thinking for the whole evening?" I smiled at her innocence and replied,"Preeti, I love you a lot. I have never seen any other girl before you and after that day, I decided that I'll never even see anyone else. But I am really scared of your brothers and I can't even think about bearing those pains again." She replied,"If you really love me and if you can do anything for me, just accept me now and help me run away from my house. Even I'm fed up of my brothers and the dominated life of mine." I was shocked to hear this from her. She always looked so beautiful without any tension on her face and hearing this from her was truly painful. I raised my hands, kept them on her cheeks and said,"I love you Preeti and I can do anything for you. But right now, I want to hug you because you were my dream and I have achieved it finally." She smiled and we hugged each other. Ankita kept looking here and there with a smile on her face.

               This is how I and Preeti got committed. 

     TO BE CONTINUED........



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k said...

Nice story .Love is the most wonderful feeling gifted by God to all human beings .your story is very touching and realistic .Such things happen with majority of the people in love .....thanks for sharing your intimate feelings ....continue the good work that you are doing. my best wishes ..!

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u.. wanted to know ur name...

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