1 June 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Ramdev Baba - Kuchch Meetha Ho Jaaye?

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        In my childhood days, whenever I used to hear the voice of my friends playing Cricket near my house, I used to plead my mother to allow me to go and play with them but my mother always used to blame me for the reasons I was not allowed to play. I used to cry a lot but my mother never sent me. She only used to allow me to play with my friends when I used to complete all my home works and studies. Many a times, I used to think that I'll protest my mother from now and will not talk to her until she will not send me to play regularly. But because she was a Mother, my heart used to refuse me to continue the protest and I would go to her and start talking. But I used to complain that Mummy, you are always good and sweet but why don't you listen to me when I ask you for permission to go to the playground and play with my friends. She used to reply,"I will surely send you if you will become disciplined and good boy". Somewhere I knew that I am not a good and perfect boy so I used to keep quiet and listen.

             What if my parent refuse me today? Can I sit on Hunger Strike and continue it till my demands are not fulfilled? Will my parent give me the permission then? I am surely sure that No, they will not give me the permission and at the last I'll have to break the Hunger Strike and bow in front of my parent for all the foolishness I did to compel them to allow me to do what I wanted to. Now, when my parent scold me for surfing Internet regularly for hours and ask me to switch off my Laptop, I have to do it immediately. What if I protest by blackmailing them that I'll not give this Semester's exam if you will restrict my time limits of sitting on Internet? They will slap me tightly. What if I still stay on my statement and I don't give the exams? Whom I'm causing the harm to? My parent or myself? Do you think a parent should agree to what the child is saying? No. They shouldn't. 

             Anna Hazare, who is recently named as Modern Gandhi got a sudden fame when he protested the government and sat for Hunger Strike. The strike continued for 4 days until government agreed on all the conditions he kept on the table. Anna Hazare broke his fast by drinking a glass full of water. He smiled and waved his hands to all the supporters who were sitting there and were also hungry from past few hours. 

              Medha Patkar is on a hunger-strike. She wants the land taken by farmers to be returned back to them. As Government is not giving any attention to this plea of villagers, she sat with few more old ladies like her on Hunger strike and thus compelled the Government to return the lands to the farmers. 

              Both of the personality I have talked above are the members of the Senior Citizen's age group. They themselves don't know which breathe can turn into their last breathe. This is the age when a normal Indian sit at home and cherish all their savings they have made in their life. They smile on the success of their children and play with their sweet grandchildren. But Anna Hnazare and Medha Patkar chose to give pains to their bodies by fasting in this age when their stomach and body needs proper diet and hygienic food. Anna Hazare lost his 1 kg weight in 48 hours when he was on his Hunger Strike. At last, government agreed and gave a nod to Lokpal Bill. But recently, as per the sources and news, government is trying to make a fool of Anna Hazare and his team by cutting off some points from the bill and modifying it according to their convenience. What effect did Hunger Strike bought on the government? How did Hazare expected the Government to change themselves and become Non-Corrupted Government? Doesn't Anna Hazare know what kind of Indian government has always been like? 

              Now, Ramdev Baba who is popular as a Yoga Guru is trying his hands in Politics by sitting on a Hunger Strike. Once, he did a great business by selling his VCDs and DVDs which consisted of different yogas for different diseases. People trusted the Baba and started performing Yoga every morning. Many people experienced the change in themselves while many were disappointed with no results after many months of execution but still Ramdev baba got a respect in the society. Now, News channels who are always hungry for TRPs started calling him whenever there was a seasonal change to guide their viewers how to protect themselves in this climatic change. Suddenly, Baba started coming every week. And once when UPA Government raised the price of Petrol, Baba came into action and started speaking about nation's economy and future. I was stunned to see the Baba talking about India and economy. Now, even Ramdev baba has announced his hunger strike which is going to start very soon. The 3rd season of Hunger-Strike is to compel government to bring back all the black money from International Banks and notch all the Corruption Kings. Don't you think that this is a torture for our Government? How many Hunger Strikes will they face? How will they take sudden decisions on the issues on which these Hunger Strikes take place? Our Government and MLAs are not going to change even if they are kept hungry and these foolish Indians hope that these people will change if they will keep themselves hungry? 

              Hunger Strikes are a sort of Blackmail and these social workers like Anna, Medha Patkar and Ramdev baba should stop giving a wrong example to the new generation. This will just provoke collegians to protest their teachers and college management by sitting on Hunger Strikes. This will lead to a mindset in small children going in schools and they will execute these fundas on their parent. I would like the media channels to stop giving coverage on such acts and protests. The newspapers should stop talking about these issues on their 1st page. 

              And if they will continue to do so, I am going to sit on Hunger Strike against Media channels and Newspapers !!!



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Aditya Nayak said...

Nice post. I liked the way you approached it with your childhoos example. I wrote a post on the very similar topic check it out


Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Aditya and Ill check your post too

hamaarethoughts.com said...

nice...hunger strike wht if wives go for hunger strike to get a solitaires from dear hubby?
I wud love to go on hunger strike plus no cooking for few days...

I love the post ,its actually nothing but to find a path to get an easy way to fulfill your demands
once its accepted by government ..then its like herd of sheep's!
lets see how long it works!

Kul Bhushan Garg said...

Hunger strike in itself is not a correct method to be adopted for realisation of a reasonable demand but is an accepted method of protest when other methods fail .Even Gandhi ji adopted it to force the Britishers to accept the reasonable demands .One basic thing should not be forgotten here ---the cause ---If it is for a good cause & when all other peaceful means have been exhausted ,then a hunger strike is justified .But if the cause itself is un reasonable ,not justified ,then of course hunger strike is totally unacceptable .hence the cause is important .

Priya said...

Anything for a good cause is accepted and he is not going against the law or harming anyone.
He is popular enough so he doesn't need to go for a hunger strike to get publicity.

If he is raising any issue be it Yoga, be it Politics, I have never found anything wrong in it.
He is working for a good cause and I support him.

Writing Buddha said...

Yaa Harman man... lets wait and watch.

Writing Buddha said...

Wow. Thanks for your view Mr. KulBhushan Garg.

Writing Buddha said...

Priya, hmmm, I respect your genuine opinion. Didn't thought of this before.

Anonymous said...

posting comments like this is easy, can you do what Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev is doing? will you get the support, no. Can you tell me why?

Writing Buddha said...

I know I am wrong but still this is not the way to make someone agree to your demand even if u r right. there are many other ways too.

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