21 June 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Papa, Aaj Father's Day Hai ! !

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        The whole world celebrated Father's Day on this Sunday. Actually, I have a problem that I don't know how to celebrate such days. Should I take my Father to a bar and ask him to have his favorite drink? Should I take my father to a trip at an adventurous place and after reaching to the destination tell him how much I love him? Should I arrange a party with close family friends and then announce my pride to have him as my father in front of everyone? How exactly do someone celebrate Father's Day, Mother's Day or any such day? If it would have been Girlfriend's Day, I would have taken my girlfriend to her favorite mall and asked her to pick up the best dress in the store, I would have ordered her favorite dish in her favorite restaurant and I would have gifted her a book of her favorite romantic writer. Now, you will point out at me and say that you have all the plannings for your girlfriend but not for your Father and Mother. Actually, there's a reason behind this. I can measure the love of my girlfriend and accordingly I can return back the same amount of love to her on the Girlfriend's Day but when it comes to parent, I can't measure the love and thus I can't express all my love I have for them.

              Everyone was tweeting about Father's Day and some were even opining their love for their father and some gifted a perfume or a tie to their father. I was shocked to see such expressive children near me. I am definitely shy when it comes to expressing love to my parent. I remember when I was asked in the Fresher Party about what wish I'll ask to God if I get an opportunity, I replied,"Please keep my parent alive till I am alive on the Earth." This was the best I could express my love for my parent. I have no other words to use to show my parent how much I love them. After the whole Father's Day was about to end, I thought to call my father and try to wish him - Happy Father's Day. I called him and I talked about everything but I couldn't speak these 3 words and wish him. He didn't knew that it was Father's Day or something and therefore it was little more weird to wish him something he didn't knew of. Its OK if I would have been doing this from last 15 years but directly wishing him for the first time in 21 years sounds quite weird. 

              I wish my Father a very happy birthday at 12 AM itself and that is Father's Day for me but not the one which is officially called by Western people. On his birthday, I celebrate it with all the enthusiasm and even gift him a present and try to make the day special. I dedicate 28th August(Father's birthday) to my Father and it is Father's Day for me. A Father-Son relation is generally quite Formal. They aren't attached like Mother and Son. Mother and Son keep on chatting always and child shares everything with his mother and mother tells him all his difficulty so it is quite easy for a child to wish his mother and express his love to her but when it comes to Father, every son try to leave the room and run rather than wishing with half heart out and half heart dancing in confusion whether I have wished properly or did I showed a sign of stupidity by wishing my father a day which he didn't even knew about. 

             Uff !!! This is all I wanted to speak on Father's Day. Its quite weird.



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Priya said...

You are the only child of ur parents and u should be closer to them. I'm surprised that u feel weird to wish him as u hv never wished him in last 21 yrs.
Sometimes it's necessary to show ur feelings be it our parents also. They have grown up and can't go to their parents n hug them n wish them but this is easier for us I think.
At least I can make them feel that I love them and with them with these sweet little things.

Unknown said...

I really like this post. We are always shy when it comes to express out love for parents.

I have written a similar post on parents:

Please go through it and help me with your valuable suggestions.
TIA for your precious time.

Writing Buddha said...

You took it wrong. Actually I feel it weird to wish him Father's Day specially because its nothing great of the day. Everyday we do the same thing and even that is no other day. It is as normal as other 364 days in a year. I don't know why it is so hard to wish him Father's Day but hope so in future, I can wish him as freely as i wish him a very happy Birthday.

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u buddy. The next thing I am going to do is to read your blog post.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand what you wrote. I have the same problem that I cannot wish my parents on Mothers' Day or Fathers' Day. Not because I'm not close to them, but they don't really think it's a big deal to celebrate such days. I distinctly remember buying a card for mom for Mothers' Day when I was 10, and all she said was "Why did you waste your pocket money on a greetings card?" :P

Writing Buddha said...

Yaa Sudeshna.. u r right.. and by the way.. nice name..

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