3 June 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Baap BAAP Hota Hai aur Beta - KUCH NAHI !!!

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        It has been three years since my father is unable to live with me and my mummy. He has the staff quarter and he lives there in the company campus some 60 km away from Panvel where I and mummy are living from last 2 years (for one year, I and mummy were in Nashik). It has been a tough time living without him but now we have managed to survive and I have learned all types of official work which I do myself if my father can't do in the 4 days/month when he is here with us. This one day per week for him is too crucial as he has to manage all his financial works in banks, post-offices, housing society and different insurance offices. He also has to manage household works like going with me and bringing vegetables from the market, if anything is not available in the house, searching for it in the market and trying his best to provide it to mummy. There are some big jobs which can't be done without father so he has to finish all those works. As human being is a social animal, he has to maintain all the relations in Mumbai in these 4 days of a month managing with all these activities.

             The work and tasks briefed in above paragraph are not the only job in his To-Do list. The biggest comfort he has to provide while doing all this is to his family. A family should never be felt ignored or neglected. It causes the depression and sorrow in the family members. He maintains the co-ordination with me and mummy. He helps her whenever she asks for (my mother is already self-accomplished so she hardly ask for anything), he ask all the problems she faced in the last 6 days, he give her ideas and his views on the problems she is facing and several other tasks related to her. Coming to me, he has to listen to all the things and scenarios happened with me in college. He talk to me for hours so that I can feel that I have a father who cares for me even when he meet me once for a week. He listen to all the problems I am facing and give me his take and opinion about what should I do to overcome the issues. He talks about the Internet plan, the rates of flats going on in our area (information should be kept), any type of financial help I need from him and various other talks. He takes me to teach me how to ride motorbike on highways and how to control when some foolish deaf idiots come in the way. Whenever I ask him to play carrom with me, he is ever Ready to play at any time. 

              This is how my father manages all these things in just 4 days at a gap of 6 days each in a month. Isn't it a sort of achievement if we talk in regards of management and responsibility? I am sure that I can not handle these many issues and problems and relations even if I am given half of the year. 180 days will be less for me to manage all these problems. I respect my father because he never talked about all these things and he is just doing this from last 3 years. I, myself, realized this today in the evening when I was having chat with him. He is almost punctual everywhere he is invited or called for the meeting or negotiation. He has never wasted his time in foolish crap like watching movies and cricket. He, once, said me that whichever movie is truly different from what we have seen in past, just keep the CD with yourself, whenever I'll feel that I am free, we will watch together. Last time he saw Dabangg with me and mummy in the multiplex on the 3rd day after release and before that he saw Taare Zameen Par. So, you can easily calculate the time he waste on movies. He doesn't like watching Cricket because he says that those cricketers are earning money with each shot they are hitting and they are respected for this crappy thing. What about us who sit in front of television for 8 hours and clap on each stroke? So, he is truly against watching Cricket and Movies.

                He says that I love gaining knowledge by interacting as much as possible with people from different fields. Even when he goes to a Vada-pav centre, he ask his routine, his competitors in the area, his ideas he uses to beat the competitors and his effort in sustaining the business. He loves discussing on any topic with me because I am a regular news reader while he is a regular news watcher on Media channels. So, he loves to spread knowledge and gain knowledge. He is quite practical with little emotions with him which keeps him strong in taking any sort of decision in his life. He says that Talking with anyone just give you some new ideas and new targets in your life too. He never thought of sitting in a flight to reach a destination out of India. But he used to talk to such people who have visited foreign countries in their life. He started striving and he has visited Italy for 16 days and Saudi Arabia for 90 days. What more should I speak about him?

               Today, when I was thinking that I have big dreams and great focus on my targets, I will surely become a better man than my father. I thought for once that I shouldn't underestimate anyone. The problem of today's youngster is that they underestimate their parent above all. Even I have this arrogance factor. Today, I thought of keeping my arrogance and pride aside and think about all the qualities my father has. When I started thinking and counting them, they were countless. I am still finding many of them but don't want to paste them on blog because he is my father, I am interested in whatever he do, may be my readers may feel it bore. So, now I feel that I am too small if compared to my father and mother. They are truly hard-working and struggling. If they ask and expect something from me, then they themselves have the potential to achieve those expectations. Through this post, I wasn't trying to show that its only my father who can do all these things, but everyone's parent are doing the same. We are no one to judge them or think that we are more passionate, responsible, dedicated and knowledgeable than them. We should stop underestimating our parent even if they are not much successful in their life because whatever they are, they aren't stopping us to avail any of the comforts of this golden life. 

                Start respecting your parent with heart and listen to everything they ask you to do and think about it. If you ignore it, life will ignore you. REMEMBER THIS !!!



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Anonymous said...

i really appreciate your writing brother.

Priya said...

My Dad had to stay away for years just to provide us better education, which was not available at his work place.
Parents sacrifice a lot for their children and we should never forget that.
My memories got refreshed.. how Dad made me learn driving... took out time to make us happy... n everything.
Thanks for this lovely post.

Writing Buddha said...

Hey thanks bro. but Mr. Anonymous apna naam toh bataa dete.

UB said...

Oh my. What a heartful post. You have a very good way of putting your emotions in words. I might not be a regular here but whenever I've dropped in, I've always got something wonderful to read.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Priya, u made my day. Thanks thanks thanks

Writing Buddha said...

Oh wow. Thanks UB. I hope the legacy of you coming on my blog and going back with a smiling face will always continue.

Nikhil Mukhija said...

I wasn't trying to show that its only my father who can do all these things, but everyone's parent are doing the same. We are no one to judge them or think that we are more passionate, responsible, dedicated and knowledgeable than them.

Worth Applause and YES, YOU are an AVID IPL Follower :D

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