30 June 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

I Love You But I Loved Her Too !!! (Part 1)

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             I was very happy with Preeti. Her beauty did justice to her name. She was really pretty. I still remember the day I proposed her for the relationship. She had 3 elder brothers. One was in Police department. Second one was the Chief of the MNS party in our area. And the third one was the owner of a Bar where almost all the gangster of Nashik used to come for drinking and enjoying. I started liking her in my coaching class - Chate Classes in Nashik. She used to come by bicycle and I would see her from the top floor of our Chate class building. Whenever she used to come, she used to lift her face and see on the top of the building and then entered the building. My friends would tease me that she looks at you and only then enters the building. I used to smile whenever they used to poke me for her.

              Once, all of them insisted me to propose her. It was very hard for me to propose a girl as I never had a girlfriend before this. I took her number from the register of my classes and called her in the evening. She asked, “Who are you?" I didn't tell her my name but I started opining my feeling for her. She kept identifying the person on the call and I kept asking her for a favor to accept me as a life partner. She asked me to come in the temple premises the next day after class and meet her. The next day, I told my friends that I am going to the temple to meet her and know her final decision. After reaching temple and meeting her, I told her that I love her a lot and I just can't see anything else except her face in front of my eyes from the day I saw her. She asked me to stop being crazy. I kept insisting her to accept me. I told her that I'll give all kinds of happiness to you. At last, when she started leaving the place, I caught her hand and asked her to stop. As soon as I held her hand, some boys came from the other side and started hitting me with hockey sticks. I was scared and I fell on the ground. I hid my head under my arms and kept bearing the pains of sticks on my back. After a while, the group of boys went back after abusing me. Suddenly, I saw that my group of friends came running from the opposite end and started thrashing those boys with Cricket Bat. This was the first time I was watching Cricket vs Hockey. ;-)

              At last, those boys ran away and my friends picked me up and rushed towards hospital. I was crying in pain and my friends kept saying,"Tu tension mat le. Wo ladki tujhe hi milegi." I smiled at the innocence of my friends. Then they uttered again, “Saale hass mat. Jab tu pitt raha tha tab uske bhai usko kheench ke wahaan se le jaa rahe they aur wo tujhe dekh ke ro rahi thi." There were tears in my eyes after listening this. I was confused that even when she liked me, why she refused to accept my proposal when I was asking so sweetly to accept me. Doctor said that I'll have to be in his investigation for next 15 days because many bones of my back were cracked and fractured. I used to lie upside down on the hospital bed. Two of my friends used to sit in my ward. They used to have 4 cricket bats hidden below the bed. They were prepared to thrash the boys if they'll attack me again. I wasn't scared because I was ready to die in her love and for her love.

               TO BE CONTINUED...........



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