2 July 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

I Love You But I Loved Her Too !!! (Part 3)

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        I and Preeti started sitting on the same bench from the next day. Everyone was happy to see us together. In some days, her brothers came to know about our affair but they didn't did anything because they knew that their sister is damn emotional and she can take any foolish step if they'll try to hurt me. Someone from his brother's gang told me that they aren't doing anything to me because they know I am a good and sincere boy otherwise they would have chopped me till now. I was knowing that I was taking a very big risk by dating a girl whose brothers are no less than Laden, Dawood and Kasab. But, I thought that I'll have to take risk if I love Preeti and I wanted to test my guts. Preeti always knew that I wanted to be an actor. Yes, even I was one of those crazy people who wanted to go to Mumbai and struggle to become an actor. My parent were against it but I wanted to be on the Silver Screen and play the roles of superheroes and beat the villains. 

             One day, she was physically abused by one of her brother. She came running to me and said that please help me and if you really love me, leave everything from here and lets go to Mumbai. We completed our 12th till then. I was surprised by what she said. I was about to be admitted in college and I thought that its nice to migrate Mumbai at this moment. Even she is fed up with her brothers and family and I am fed up of my parent who are ceasing me to achieve my dream of entering into modelling world. That was 2nd July,2009 and we ran from Nashik and came to Mumbai. I had Ganesh bhai already in Mumbai who gave us a room in his 3BHK flat in Andheri. I still remember the scary face and dithering body of my dear Preeti. She was shivering badly. She asked me,"Its Ok for you. You will start giving auditions from tomorrow but what about me? What am I going to do in this city?" She started crying. The question was sensible but I had to give her some confidence. I replied,"I know the time is hard and we will have to deal with it. But what if you start earning in a Call-center?" She looked me with a smile. The tears in her eyes and smile on her face was a confusing collaboration. She said,"Wow. Nice Idea. I got a reason to be in the city of dream. Even I'll depart from here with you tomorrow. I'll go for walk-in interviews and you go for auditions." Now, she took a sigh of relief.

              After 3 months, Preeti was working with Wipro BPO from last 2 months and she was getting 20,000 per month and I was still struggling. I went to every small producers and asked them for a role in their B-Grade movies but none of them gifted me a job. Everyone of them wanted me to pay them some big amount of money and then expect for a role. I didn't wanted Preeti to know the reason otherwise she would have started working both the shifts to collect those amount and give it to me so that I can climb the first step of my dream. 

             One day, Ganesh bhai told me that there's a function in his office and a model named Sabrina is going to be the chief guest. He said that I should attend it and try to be friends with her and try to use her for my dream. I loved the idea and on the day of the function, I wore my suit which my mother gifted me on my birthday and went to the party. Superb arrangement was made and quite a hi-fi and sophisticated people were present. Ganesh Bhai was introducing me to everyone as his brother and I was enjoying the treatment I was getting. Ganesh Bhai was the General Manager of the company and this was working wonderful on my side. Suddenly, the host of the party announced that Sabrina Khan can arrive any time. I was eagerly waiting to meet Sabrina Khan as I saw her pictures on the Page 3 of every newspaper quite often. 

             Suddenly, I saw people running towards the entrance of the hall and when I ran towards it, I saw the most beautiful lady I have ever seen in my life. Yes, she was Sabrina Khan. Sabrina Khan herself. I kept staring her face because I never saw such a flawless skin. I never saw sharp and sexy eyes like Sabrina Khan had. She had a perfect height with perfect curves. Her cleavage was visible and it was like a huge valley of dreams. She had straight brownish hairs and the ear-rings she was wearing was dancing in perfect co-ordination with her hairs. Not even a single millimetre of her body was imperfect. I was feeling as I am seeing the Goddess on the Earth. 

              I fell in love with her beauty in the first sight itself.

            TO BE CONTINUED.....



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