5 June 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Twitter saved a Life !!!

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       My grandfather was lying on the bed when I saw him for the last time. He was unable to speak anything. He just had his two eyes to speak everything he wanted to convey to his sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren. When I went inside wearing an apron given to me by the caretakers so that grandpa doesn't get infected to any allergy because of the people coming from the open air to his special room where he was carefully treated. I went and stood besides him, saw him and controlling my tears, spoke,''Namastey Dadaji, Aap kaise ho?'' I was his favourite grandchild. He told this several times right from my childhood. Whenever he came to know that I am going to visit native place, he used to charm up that I am going to be with him for a month or so. When he saw me, the excitement was already in his eyes and as soon as I greeted him, his body started moving in excitement. The caretaker told me not to talk too much to him otherwise it causes this problem when he wants to speak back. I said to him that I haven't still spoken anything. He went back in frustration. I looked at Dadaji again and said,''Dadaji, don't be worried. You will be alright in few hours as I am here.'' He started nodding his head which meant he didn't wanted to suffer the pain anymore. I added,''Dadaji, I will not stop you. You can go but I promise that very soon I will come up to meet you and then we will live together for rest of our life there.'' I was failing continuously from 2 years and my dadaji was also upset because of it. As soon as I said that, he stopped reacting and his body went still. There was no movement, no reaction, no answer from his eyes. Till then, the care taker came and said - Chalo bhaiyya ,aap ka time khatam ho gaya hai. I came out of the ICU.

               After coming outside, tears started flowing from my eyes and after wiping them, I went and sat with other relatives. I didn't shared anything with anyone. Not even with my parent. No one asked me as I was in depression and I always replied to everyone in deep arrogance and it used to hurt everyone. I knew Dadaji was going to expire at any moment and even he knew this. So, there was a thunder when I said that I will come soon because he knew that I was about to commit suicide anytime and he didn't wanted this to happen. This was the first and the last case in my life when I knew that the person is going to die at any second and I am spending the last hours with him. After this, no such scenario came in my life and whoever expired, expired suddenly, either in accident or because of sickness. 

               Today, when I was on Twitter, an account which Retweets all the tweets consisting of any area of Navi Mumbai, tweeted something crazy which was unbelievable. He tweeted a tweet of a lady - JAISHREE MEMON who lives in Kharghar. The tweet said, 

"I think I should end my life. My daughter is exploited by her own biological father . no police no womens commission able to do justice."

Mrs. Jaishree Memon
                As soon as I read this Tweet, I retweeted it without thinking anything. Immediately, I replied to her," Mam, any help, plz tell me. I'll try my best to help you." I knew that I can do nothing when police and women's commission are themselves not helping her in this serious case. I tweeted it because I thought even if she is serious and depressed, my tweet will make her reply back and ask if I could do anything and it will make her live for few hours more. Till then, I'll spread this word to all the great people I know in the Navi Mumbai who can really do something. She tweeted this on 30th MAY and it is already 4th June today. So, for once, I thought, may be this lady has committed suicide because there's no tweet after this one. I went up to her profile to read what she is and found- A lady,48,mother of 3,house wife and manages now to publish a periodical named 'The Kharghar Navi Mumbai Times',writes a blog in that name,try to serve others. 

               After some-while, the name of the lady and the name of the town she is living in - KHARGHAR started TRENDING on Twitter. I was shocked to see the word spreading on Twitter. Now, I breathed a sigh of relief that someone will surely help her. This was just another scenario after my Grandfather's case that I knew the person is going to die when they actually lived. I didn't met this lady anytime before but Twitter is such a place where everyone on it seems to be familiar to you. The only difference is that you like someone's thoughts while unlike someone's. I was sad about the thought of suicide but I was more sad to see a Father doing this to her daughter. This women runs a Kharghar's local newspaper and the husband of such lady is daring to commit such a crime. What a place India has turned into. Kharghar is known as the most sophisticated town of Mumbai and a news of this kind from this place is truly unbelievable and disappointing. In a country like India where we are opening number of NGOs which works to save a Girl Child so that she will be brought up properly, will be educated and then married proudly. Here, the father raises up the girl and once she turns into an adult, the father starts taking all the pleasure of her body. This is truly inhuman. These people should be hanged till death without any hearings. 

                At last, a man from Twitter - JoyDas thought a step ahead of everyone and took the police force with himself and saved the woman. Proud of this guy. The woman and daughter were safe. He told us through his Twitter a/c that he will make the lady tweet again as soon as possible that it is assured to everyone that she is Alive and Fine. JoyDas also said that there's no confirmed report of her husband being an exploited man. As soon as the lady is proved right, he will be punished. Did anyone ever thought that a Social Networking site and that too Twitter will save the life of helpless people? Salute to the Site and the good people like JoyDas who selflessly help such people. 


Jaishree Memon's account- www.twitter.com/Jaishreememon
JoyDas's account- www.twitter.com/JoyDas


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