7 June 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Life, Luck and Dialing Beauty !!!

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         I was sitting alone in my room and thinking about my parent. All my roommates were attending their classes while I decided to bunk for a month. I was hating my college because there was no excitement in my college life. My roommates had their CET classes after their college where they used to enjoy a lot. After that, they had small party after classes initiated by anyone in their class who would have got compliment from the teacher. After all the enthusiasm when they used to enter in the room, they had their mobile stuck to their ears as they had their girlfriend talking from the other side. They used to chat with their girlfriends for hours and hours. When I used to shout at them that will you talk to me now or no, they used to make a shitty face and cut the phone after giving hundreds of Muaah Muaah to their girlfriends on the phone. Then they used to come to me and ask,"Bol saale, aaj din bhar kya kya kiya?" After having dinner with me, all of them would switch off the light and dial their girlfriends again, hid their heads in pillows and talk to those sexy pieces till 4 to 5 AM in the morning. 

               I never understood when these people slept. One day I asked Yasir, one of my roommate,"Buddy, I have always seen all of you enjoying in the day time and after the sun sets, all of you talk to your items for the whole night and sleep at 5 AM and again get up at 7 to get ready for college. When do you sleep?" He replied," Dumbo, tu kabhi college to jaata nahi aur uske baad aise betukey sawaal poochta hai. We, students, chat with our girlfriends for the whole night and then sleep in the lectures. Understood? And before you ask any other idiotic question, let me warn you that I am not going to answer to any question after this. I want you to attend lectures." I kept my mouth shut and told him Thanks for all the knowledge he gave me about students(As I wasn't the student !!!) and their life.

               This was the life of my room-mates while I used to sit alone in my room but today I had a plan. I thought I'll go to the M.G. Road and find a girl for me. I knew I am trying to be crazy but I had no other options. All the girls in my class were committed and all the friends of my room-mates girlfriends were also committed somewhere. So, there was no one who could arrange a girl for me. And then I remembered what my father always repeated to me - GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. I went to M.G. Road in the best jeans I had and a yellow stylish T-Shirt with cool designs on it. Applied Men's cream on my face skin and prepared myself with the best I could look. After walking on the street for 4 times, I found a very beautiful girl without any boy accompanying her. I went and stood at an appropriate distance so that it don't look awkward and started glaring her. She got a call from someone on her cell. She was talking and suddenly she started weeping. I was amazed at the reality that a beautiful girl like her also had some problem which no one has still evicted from her life and she is struggling with something. It was uncontrollable for me to bear. I thought of approaching her.

                As soon as I began walking towards her, she turned around and started dialing a number from PCO. She started shouting frustratedly and said to the person on the phone,"what?.... Where is she?..... Not picking up the phone?... eeh.. atcha... atcha... Ok.. Take my new cell number... 9890689970." As soon as I heard the number, I took out my mobile from the pocket and dialled the first four digit which I remembered. Then, I awaited her to repeat the number. She repeated it again and I saved the number with the name - Dialing Beauty. After the call ended, she wiped her tears with her hanky. I went at a safe distance and hiding behind a pole, I called her and asked,"Hey girl, can I know your name?" I knew that I am bad in flirting or approaching a girl but as I wanted a partner, I was ready to try anything at that moment. She replied,"I am Arti but can I know who you are?" I replied,"I am someone who saw you weeping some seconds ago." As soon as I said this, she became conscious and started looking around. Then uttered,"Hey gentleman, I liked that you cared so much for me but can I know how you got my number?" I replied,"Who is caring so much about you can get your number even from God." I smiled at my foolish reply. She answered,"Can you please come and approach me so that I can talk to you?" I pressed the Red button on the right side of my Nokia 1100 and went to her.

               I forwarded my hand for a shake hand and said,"Hey Arti, this is Abhilash. I called you right now." She grabbed my hand for the world's sweetest and memorable Shake-hand to take place and replied,"I saw you when you were pressing your keypad to save my number when I was passing it to my friend on telephone." I said,"Quite smart." She replied,"Quite caring from your side." I said,"Lets go to Wadia garden and have a walk together." She replied,"Yaah. Of course." Today, if a girl will agree so sooner, I'll think ki saali characterless toh nahi hain but as I was desperate for a partner then, I saw her as a very nice girl. While crossing the road, I held her wrist so that she doesn't get hurt by any vehicle. After crossing the road, she smiled looking at my face. It was all because I wasn't backing on any opportunity of impressing her.

              After reaching the garden, we started walking on the jogging track and I started telling her about my college, my routine, my life and my childhood mastis. She was laughing like anything. I was happy to see that smile on her face. A girl who was weeping some minutes ago was laughing like anything on the talks of a dumb boy like me who had never talked to a girl in his last 3 years after he left his school. This was nothing but a sort of achievement for me. You can say, the biggest achievement. She told me about her studies, parent, family and friends. I wasn't interested in anything except her eyes with the decoration of kaajal on its border. Her eyes were shining like a pearl. I wasn't able to observe anything else except her eyes. After spending one hour together, she said,"Abhilash, I think I should leave now." I said,"Its still 7.30. You can go after its 8." She said,"Actually, I am leaving this city tomorrow because of a personal problem which I can't share it with you on this first meeting. I passed this time with you just because you cared so much for me." I exclaimed," What?" She confirmed"Yes, I know you want to meet me again but it is not possible." I replied with a said voice,"Ok Arti, you may leave. But I'll never forget this one and a half over with you." She replied,"So sweet of you. B-Bye and thanks for making me smile." I replied,"My pleasure. Bye." She turned around, sat in an auto and went away. I kept glaring at the auto until it became invisible in the traffic. 

             I ran like a mad guy towards my hostel, opened the lock, closed the door from inside, lied on my bed and cried like anything. I started loving her from the moment I saw her talking on the phone. I already planned in the garden itself that I am going to propose this girl within a week in the garden itself but my life and luck played again with me. After few days, I remembered that I saved her mobile number with me, but when I called the number, it said the number is switched off. 

             And Once Again I was Alone With My Boring And Unappealing Life. :-(




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Anu Lal said...

well...well well...I can see some pieces of broken heart ;)
But hei, you are a smart guy. Don't worry. You will get your pyar one day, man..

Writing Buddha said...

Its a fiction sir.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

o o ..I thought some happy ending...but anyways .it waz interesting!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks madam.

Unknown said...

Nice Fiction.
I really like that you write this fictional story in first person. In this way, it makes much more effect.

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