14 June 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

O Saathi Re, Tere Bina Bhi Kya Jeena !!!

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       I have the password of one of my classmate. She is a sweet girl with lots of crazy boys behind her. Everyone of them have a crush on her. Its interesting to see the Swayamwar sort of competition in my classroom. I am surprised to see that these boys have lived their 4 years of teenage before entering this college. Still they are so immature that they go flat on such girls who are already engaged or crazy about someone else. One of my friend - Sohail told me about his crush on a girl in my class who is already engaged with a boy from last 3 years. She is happy with her relationship and she has no plan of backing out. Sohail is still behind her. The boy is intelligent and he has a good brain. He deals with his real life situations so easily that you'll be happy to see his conduct in his life but when it comes to this girl, he just can't control himself and becomes a bhikari demanding for a YES to begin the relation with her.

            The Sweet girl(I started the blog with) is the Queen of our class after my Ex-girlfriend got married and left the college. She can pass these 3 years with an image like kisi-ke-haath-na-aanewali but from last 2 years she kept dying for a senior who never gave any indication from his side. She always used to talk about him and we used to tell her that there is no use of dying for that man because he has no intention to start any kind of relationship with you and even if he will start, he is just doing it to use you for time-being. She never understood it because she was mad in so called Love. I kept seeing the story which was taking place in front of me. Surprisingly, one day the boy gave the positive signal for friendship and finally a day came when this girl told us she is engaged with him. Everyone was shocked that itne din se toh ye attitude dikha raha tha aur do saal baad aukaat me aa gaya. One month of their love affair was normal and she was very happy. All of us were very happy to see her smiling and her face shining with the essence of love everywhere around her.

            But from last 2 months, we found her crying, we found her sitting alone, we found her sad, we found her bubbliness disappearing. We asked her what happened and she said he fights with me. I was normal with this because when you get into a Love relationship, you never get exactly what you need from your partner. There are some spaces which are always kept blank and your partner never fills them. Its like the space in your cupboard which always remain empty and you never keep any kind of stuff there. This is how it works in Love affairs. But, from last 1 month, she is trying to attempt suicide everytime she finds herself alone and isolated. I was quite surprised to see that a relation which started before 6 months can take such a place in a girl's heart who has a long queue of boys dying for her acceptance to their proposals. Today, I opened her account as I have stated above that I have the password of her a/c. She asked me to remove that guy from her a/c. I did. 

             After removing him, I thought, lets do ungli in her messages and read what went between them in these 2 months from when this girl has lost the interest from her life. And I was shocked. I read one of their Facebook chat and whenever this girl said anything this boy just said - Get Lost. Whenever she said anything ki "Batao na". He used to reply from there,"Get Lost. Don't piss me off." And she kept talking to him sweetly for the rest 2 hours of the chat and he kept his two words intact. He also said that main tumhe kaise jhelta hu wo main hi jaanta hu. Reading those lines of boy, I got depressed by imagining the girl's condition when the boy whom she loves so much replied with this kind of attitude. You may feel this as a big sentence but seriously, even if I'll get a girl of my dream and if she will insult me in this way, I am surely going to kick her from my life with lots of abuses. There is no scarcity of beautiful boys and girls in this world that any girl/boy should die for some"one". Now this girl messaged me that I want to commit suicide but just because of my mother I am ceasing every time I'm thinking about committing suicide. I have told her about my situations in life, about my girlfriends in life but she has lost her brain in love to understand anything. 

              I am just shocked to see many of my friends from last 3 years getting involved in a forced relationship and then crying for rest of their life for the break up between them and many of them trying to commit suicide and failing each time. I am happy that they fail. At least God is trying to preach the message to live and suffer rather than end and rest. I hope my friends will get brain and every one in this world thinking of ending the life because of your partner will Grow up. There are many more things to do in life. I don't know the correct grammar of English, still I blog. Why? To keep myself engaged with something and be happy. My readers read my blog and share their views about it which makes me more-than-happy. So, try to do something else in your life and love it rather than loving a person who has no value for you in his/her life.



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Anonymous said...

Agreed little master, well said

Kul Bhushan Garg said...

very well expressed .Love your life instead of loving someone who does not reciprocate your love .very true .

hamaarethoughts.com said...

very surprising..what kinda love story is this?
I pity this girl..she seems to Dumb...with her looks..

Writing Buddha said...

Vijay , hahaha.. Little master?? ye kya tha?

Writing Buddha said...

Harman mam, even im shocked mam.

Unknown said...

We live only once, its not wrong to love someone, in fact that is what life is all about; Loving and getting loved, but life, which is gifted to us is a bit more important than just giving it away just like that :)

eva626 said...

woa that was...intense. lol. hope everything is FINE now,,,and that creep of a guy will never be happy i think some people are just that way in personality,,,or maybe he had a very bad experience in life to be backlashing at this girl.

i wonder if this girl read this post?...that would be something huh

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