24 June 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Ghanta Hazare Aur Aaramdev Baba Ki Jai !!

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                I want to know where is Ramdev Baba now-a-days? I hope that he is busy in finding out some new yoga which will help him to fly off from the stage next time government plays the game of Cat and Rat with him. I still can't get over that scene when Ramdev Baba jumped off from the stage. What was he thinking? That he will be able to disappear from the Ramlila Maidan even when Police was active and came with a tough decision of grabbing him? Ramdev Baba is going to form a political party in September. Everyone know Baba as a doctor but no one knows him as a Political leader or a Patriotic personality. Ramdev Baba thought that lets do something strange and unique so that public come to know that I am interested in public's benefit rather than government's benefit. He thought that lets manipulate India's emotional public by telling them the fact that if all the money from the Swiss Bank is brought back in India then no one will have to pay tax for next 20 years. I am astonished to see that some people really supported him in this confused campaign and Baba thought that he will win the election when he will stand.

              At last, Ramdev Baba got trapped in the game played by government and he broke his fast after 9 days because his health started deteriorating. I am surprised to see that Baba who used to claim that I do all the exercises which makes me powerful to remain hungry for more than a month started melting after 6 days of fasting. When I wrote this on Twitter, many fans of Ramdev Baba said that can you fast even for a day? I replied them with certain abuses and smiled at the supporters of Baba. He didn't kept the hunger strike of the kind Fast-until-health-deteriorates but it was Fast-until-Death. Do you remember this, Ramdev Baba? Many Indian women keep fasts of Navratri for 9 days without even drinking a drop of water. That is called Dedication and Determination. But Baba, you being a man and then being a Yoga master failed in 6 days itself and on the 9th day, you backed off. There are examples where people sat for more than 100 days keeping hunger-strikes and you failed in 6 days. I hope I'll not fail like you in my coming 4th Semester's result. (Oops, there are chances)

              Now, Anna Hazare have said that I'll sit back on Hunger-strike from 16th August, 2011. And he says that this is the Second fight of Independence for India. Cool. But you said the same when you sat on Hunger-strike previously. How can I believe you that you will surely give us the Freedom? And you are freeing us from Corruption. Anna Hazare, let me tell you that out of 100 Indians, 90 are corrupted and only 10 are the victims. Even if you are sitting on Hunger-strike, not more than these 10 will support you. And even out of those 10, 8 are busy in their daily routine and work and feeding their family rather than your drama. So, you ended up with 2% population. Do you think that you can win this fight against government with the support of these 2% population? 

              Anna Hazare is doing a very big mistake by keeping the clauses of Lokpall Bill too stringent. He should keep it quite acceptable initially. Once the Lokpal is formed, he should ask government for adding some clauses by giving them the example of the issues which failed even after implementing the Lokpal bill. I know you will answer me back that once Lokpal Bill is formed, it will not change. But you have a trick of Hunger-Strike to force the government to update it. So, why to worry? And you talk about Freedom and Fight for Independence, you are the one who supported Raj Thackeray in dragging the migrated North Indian out of Maharashtra. You said that its unacceptable to see others gathering in our state and trying to authorize us. Is this Freedom? You, being an Indian, talk like this and then hope that Indians will follow you when you will begin your so-called- Satyagraha. So, the Indians who will come to know about this will also leave you and you will remain with the support of 1% Indians. Do you think you will get the Lokpal Bill as you and your chaplus- Arvind Kejriwal want it to be? 

             Now, Digvijay Singh has warned Anna Hazare that what happened with Ramdev Baba may be repeated with you. I hope you are taking the class of the new yogasan from Ramdev Baba which will help you fly from the stage when Government will send their police force to kidnap you and throw you back in Maharashtra like they threw Ramdev Baba back in Haridwar. One more funny thing about Anna Hazare and Ramdev Baba, they say that we are not afraid of Lathi-charge and dying for the country, then why do you try to fly off from the stage when its time for bearing the pain of Lathis? 

             Chalo, I am leaving now and lets wait for 16th August when one more Reality Movie will be released in India which will have all the drama and action. 

Actor - Anna Hazare
Actress - Kiran Bedi
Supporting Actor - Arvind Kejriwal
Villain - Kapil Sibal
Director - Digvijay Singh
Producer - Manmohan Singh.

                Lets keep our fingers crossed for the success of the movie.  Thanks.


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Anonymous said...


hamaarethoughts.com said...

very well written and explained...I didn't know about this..jus knew ..baba Ramdev passed out in few days ..which was hilarious...I was never a fan ..of Baba ramdev..nor any other baba...
"corruption hamaare kan kan mein bassi hai"hunger strikes will do nothing ,it has to be within...people are idiots of all kind to believe in this hunger strikes and bills.....patriotism lies in making the country a corruption free which comes from total honesty within ourself..its MUST!

Divya (Virmani) Chadda said...

Okay, so I don't quite agree with you on this one! Firstly according to you, 90% of people are corrupt in India; 10% will give their vote to Hazare and Ramdev. Infact, not even 10%, only 2% will be with him. How do you justify the fact that every single person [common man] and the even celebrities voted for Hazare when he started his fast? Not to mention Rotary and Lions club sending out personal letter to Hazare with their vote and support. To top it all, Kiran Bedi, herself stands firmly with Hazare on this campaign. Do you know Kiran Bedi is the biggest rolemodel of India. Not every one steps up to do something for their country. All the ladies who fast during Navratri have their selfish reason imbedded in it. No one will fast for the prosperity of our country. So, I totally give my vote to Hazare and Ramdev.

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u everyone.

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