19 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Yusuf's Birthday !!! (Funny)

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         Its birthday of one friend again this month - Its Yusuf....He was born on the same date 19th April but in 1991..I wished him right now before 2 hours...Uff..I thought that its only 15 minutes passed after the call and its 2 hour...What a predictor I am..It was nice talking to him...You can see the guy at the left in the pic..Giving a rough look because we were tired in the scorching heat..And now right now as I'm on my blog I'll wish him here too..because I have seen that my friends are very happy when I wish them on my blog..So Yusuf this blogs goes to you - Many Many Happy Returns of The Day !!! Happy Birthday To You !!! May Allah Give and Bless You With All The Success and Happiness You Have Desired For !!! Hamaari Duaa Hamesa Aapke Saath Hai !!! So you are of 19 Years Now...Hope you will be alive till 91 years and see the new technological world then and think that Kaash Abhilash bhi zinda hota toh ispe bhi ek blog likhta..Uff..Pata nahi us budhaape mein yaad bhi rahega ki Abhilash kaun tha..Main bhi yar kuch bhi bolta hu..

            When college started, I had no idea about who will be my good friend, who will be best friend and who will be the enemy..Then as the time passed...I started getting a feel of friendship with some boys and girls and a feel of hatred for some...But after sometime, I realized that Yusuf is gonna be my permanent friend for this three years(the duration is what I decided in respect of college)...Aise to maine ye bhi socha tha k jo GF bani hai wo bhi kamm se kamm 3 saal to rahegi hi..Lets Leave her.. I still remember the first time I met him..It was 3rd August,2009..First day of the college..Zaheer Sir came and asked everyone to give their Introduction..When the chance came of this Smug boy to vociferate his name and address and last marks...He spoke - Mohd Yusuf Dawawala..I live in Panvel..I have scored 74% in Commerce stream in 12th..I wasn't attracted for any of these informations except 1..That was the name PANVEL..because even I live here..I thought ki Chalo ek toh milaa...Now many of you will say that Tere class me do aur batchey bhi to hain jo Panvel ke hain..So for your kind information..One was Absent that day..And the other one didn't took admission till then..So I thought that the city which is just included in New Mumbai has 1 more BCA Student other than me..But I was so nervous on the first day of the college that I was least interested in shaking hands with anyone and making him friend...This is also the day when I saw my ex-gf for the first time..Uff..Lets leave the topic otherwise Mera to kuch nahi Mere dost k birthday ki waat lag jaayegi..
              So, I didn't conversed with him at that time..College was over..and then I left for my home..Reached Panvel station and then I stood in a queue for asking what was the procedure to issue Railway Pass..I was still in the queue when a huge hand came from behind and tapped my shoulder..I thought nature is signalizing a bicker and quarrel right now but when I turned around, I saw a familiar face..As I told you all I wasn't attracted in any other info he gave, So I didn't knew his name..He then told me that I'm also in your class..and we have to fill up a form first in college and then come here..and with that we shared our mobile number to each other as it is purchased by us..But I knew the fact that It was our father who gave us the mobile to show-off in public..Uff..I think even Yusuf knew it that time..Then he left the place on his scooty which was parked at the railway's parking stand..Then from the next day we started sitting together..eating together..talking together..In short we started behaving as Couples after the first meet..Hahaha..Dont take this sentence seriously guys..And then there were many incidents when I didn't liked his behaviour..there were also moments when I liked his way of showing friendship and affection..And all this happens in friendship...

             And now today if I'll have to point out Good and Bad of this person..I will say->

First , lets go to Bad Points so that in last he will read Good one and remember them rather than these..The biggest is that He meddles in between when someone is speaking..Not a good habit.. When sometimes he is over-excited, he starts being ostentatious that it starts piercing everyone's eyes..Sometimes, he tries to be so straight-forward and audacious that He says something where the person who is victim suffers a lot..And One thing more, Never requests before taking something from someone's hand..which results in insult and insolentation of the one whose hand has been vacantized..Only this much and all this problem lies in One Category- Communication Skill..So he just need to improve this one and all the bad points will diminish...and now the Good Points - He is a good friend..If he starts loving someone as a friend..then he helps him/her a lot .He is very much concerned and heuristic for Islam..Goes to Masjid for all the 5 namaaz and never miss even a single one..Now again I dont know ki Kameeney ne mere liye kabhi duaa maangi bhi hai ya nahi...He keeps himself away from fights and maara-maaari which is very good...Otherwise, I'll have to meddle in his fight and jiski wajah se mujhe bhi ek-do ghoosey pad sakte hain..And the 2nd thing is that if he would be a boy who would have fought again and again..It would have reflected his religion in that bcoz pehle hi Islam is targeted so much for jehaad...So its good that he is representing his caste in a good way..And then next, Meri taraah Kanjoos nahi hai..nahi to saala kabtak ek hi cutting chaai se dono peetey..Next, He is not avarice and covetous for anything..Is very smugged..and thats what I like of him..Bas be saale..bahut taareef ho gayi..Pata chalaa..After reading all this..Mujhpar hi cadhne lagaa...

              And Now..Its all for today for Yusuf...This Blog ,I have written without any tension that Yusuf can feel any thing bad because the guy is intellectual and understands that I use all this skills to make my writings effective and interesting..So I know that he will not feel bad for the abuses and bad points..And Happy Birthday to you once again hero..and Best wishes from me and my parents..Ab dont think that Jabardasti inke naam le rha hu..They have literally wished you for your Janamdin...Enjoy..And celebrate...



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