9 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Name Is NOT Khan, That Means I Could Be A Terrorist? / Thanks Roopika Di !!!

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            I m touched by wt u rote...sumtyms choked ..n sumtyms bursting into laughter...brother i must sy "It took me ONE YEAR to read ur blog.." bt nw i understand wt did i miss in this 1 year..... "I SALUTE U 4 UR EMOTIONS, VOCAB N BEAUTY OF THOUGHTS"..... 

          This is the comment I have received for my 151th blog post where I wrote about womans as it was Women's day then..Its so blithy to receive such comment from someone you have never expected of..This is my cousin sister..My mausaji's daughter..I have met her only once on 20th April,2009..That was the first time I met her and after that I have never met her..I had a chat with her on phone when my article was published in DNA..and then when I got this comment from her..It is like a heaven calling me without any big deal from my side to mark my entrance's eligibility for it..Roopika didi, you have just made me so happy with your comment..Actually more than your comment I loved that you commented..Reading is a good task but giving your feedback and thought at it is the biggest approach towards expecting more valuable blogs from the writer in the future..because for a writer, a person who haven't given his feedback on his writing is a person of nonentity..I always send an email to every author whose book I read..even a single word..But I do send to let him know that I have read his writing and what ratings do I give him or her..And I'm very happy that even it took you to reach my blogs a whole one year but you said it very frankly and audaciously..I have no words how to thank you..Saying that you are proud to be associated with me as a sister is a big thing and that too because of this blog..I'm ineffable and unutterable..Thanks a lot..Thanks a ton..You are so sweet..Looking forward to meet you..Share some silver and golden moments with you..Uff!!! Many personal chatting here on my blog lets move towards social approach now..

             Don't use your tiny brain in guessing and predicting for what this image is trying to conduct here..Actually My dad has helped me to open my first ever bank account..I submitted my Pan Card as an ID Proof which I have received 2 weeks ago and the electricity bill as an address proof..Father payed rupees 5000 as a minimum balance to the account..and I added 1000 rupees as the up amount which I can withdraw..The main craze for opening a bank account was nothing except having an ATM CARD of my name..of my account..Now I can save my money in this account..Have an amount saved without any notice of my parents..Now I'll be getting my ATM card within a week and a passbook and unfortunately a cheque book too..Now whenever I'll have to pay a small amount to my friends like 10 rs or 20 rs..I'll cut the cheque out..will act little ostentatiously..and will draw the cheque on the favour of his name and will cross it with the Account Payee..If he will not have an a/c he or she will have to suffer..I'll act a little..But I'm unhappy with one useless facility that I'm unable to withdraw money from any other bank's ATM..If I do this I'll have to pay 20rs extra for each withdrawal..So sad for me..Now after Pancard and after this bank account..My next target is to have a Passport..

             I'm bored noticing gutters and the same complexion's girls in India..I want to go to Italy, America, London to see the new technologies..Learn new innovations...observe new cultures..See new complexions..Beauty of the city and the country..Tall buildings and the biggest craze to watch White girls..I have heard that teenager girls roam there in bikinis..If this is true..I think I'll be the first Indian in overseas to roam in Underwear..and that too of a hole waala...I want to represent my country there in an articulate way..I know their government is very stringent..But I'll do the same way as SRK did..Will say to every security person there that I'm going to meet President of America..Hope that after this they will not interrogate more with me and will think that a real man is inspired by a reel life...What happens if My name is not Khan..even I can be a terrorist and this is what I'll go to president to tell him that even if My name is not Khan ..I can be a terrorist..I didn't understood what was movie trying to teach us..It said-My Name is Khan and I'm Not a Terrorist..Does it mean that- My Name is Not Khan and So I could be a Terrorist???? If this then Karan Johar be sure with your titles and your messages...You could have also named the film as I am a Human Being and not a terrorist..You could have shown in this way that Terrorist are not human beings..But the way you have screen played your movie It shows that a Islamic follower can't be terrorist but another religions can..I'm not saying that only Muslims are terrorist but I am saying that supply your movie in an undoubtedful manner..See how Aamir Khan present his movie..You need to learn a more..

            Sorry If I have said much on the blog but again this is ARB...whatever I'll feel I'll write..You filter according to what you want to get from my blogs and what you want to throw and spit from the messages I give on my blogs....And Roopika Didi..thanks once again..Waiting for my tomorrow's blog as it will be on my mother as its her birthday on 10th..


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Vijay Pawar said...

Ohh dude....Very necessary topic you ahve written about..Im touched..ur thoughts are excelent..from where do u get these thoughts..I want to stea your brain..

Wilshire said...

I used to use my ATM card like crazy.
Swiping it at coffee shops, malls, outlets, etc.
Once i got so pissed off that i broke the darn thing. And i totally did away with it since then. And I'm doing just fine.
Now speaking of my name is khan, i haven't yet watch the movie. But I'd reckon you should have said "My name is Ruhela and I'm not a terrorist!" hehe!
Oh and please wish your mom on my behalf!

Ordinary Gal said...

hie...your template is nice :)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanx Riya or An ordinary girl dat u lyked my template..Hope u lyk my blogs too..

Writing Buddha said...

Wilshire, i dont know how u take ur things n activities dat there is always a funny situation out of it..And yes 1st I thought 2 use Ruhela bt den i thought of talking 4m every religion's behalf..

Writing Buddha said...

Vijay, Im happy dat u r liking my blogs..

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