27 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Lalit Modi Trapped In Controversy / Indian Idol 5 !!!

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              At last, IPL-3 is over.. Chennai won proudly and Mumbai losed badly.. It wasn't the way Mumbai play..It was the way Mumbai rest...I dont know why Mumbai took so time to execute their runs when It was so high to score and chase..Many mistakes from the side of Tendulkar..Dhoni implemented a good strategy and shocked everyone with that catch of Pollard by Hayden who was sent to the place where the ball came by Dhoni just before that ball was bowled..This shows what type of Captain Dhoni is..People who think that Cricket is just a game of closing the eyes and hitting shot..And then giving the stress to your hands and shoulders and bowl fast..So for them I would like to tell that Intellect and Mind is needed while playing cricket..This is what Dhoni showed on the final..and Sachin also showed by losing the finals..He made many mistakes while the match was on...He took a lot of time to call Pollard on the field to blow the confidence of the rivalry team..At last I will not talk more about IPL... Congrats Chennai..Dhoni the way you have played here ... Do the same with your team in the coming T-20 WORLD CUP.. And Sachin your team losed but you won...You did your best till date in the IPL... and Congrats for your success...Keep listing your records...And Lalit Modi thanx for giving us such a wonderful platform to enjoy..

           The controversies related to IPL are shocking everyone in the world...This popular sport programme- IPL is tangled in all this aspects of political affairs and administration is really shameful for everyone who is associated with this..The way Lalit Modi is hurled out of the post of Commissioner is very bad..You should wait for the man to give his evidence on all the issue..Without listening the fact how can any government sue the man from the position where the victim has put all his efforts and determination..Lalit Modi is the man of creativity who created this IPL and the way he is treated is very sad for all the IPL followers and lovers..Actually all this started with a Tweet written by Lalit Modi targetting on Shashi Tharoor because of which Shashi resigned from his post of External Affairs Minister..Then Shashi asked for investigation..When it begun..The news came that there are many relatives of Modi who are stakeholders in IPL and are earning illegally..Then the Income Tax opened their eyes and they came to know that IPL has never payed Entertainment tax..And then they warranted all the offices of all the team...and now everyone is trapped here in this..The two teams on whom Sword is penduluming are Rajasthan Royals and Kings 11 Punjab.. Everyone wants Modi back because the way his mind cerebrated in the cricket and the way he planned and executed the whole show is really amazing...We want the man back...and lets see what happens..Even if he is out permanently as its comtemporary now..I want him to give all his proofs and documents and prove himself innocent..

           Indian Idol 5 started from today..The best comedy show in India..Hahaha..The auditions are so funny...Anu Malik is the person who creates the humor..Sometimes he is very harsh and ruthless but he entertains the audience a lot through his judging..and people don't be worried when you see no blogs..I have already indicated you all that I'll be on blogs little less this month as its exam and I have to show my parent s that Im studying and boycotting my blogs otherwise If I'll score less which is going to happen this time..They will blame and accuse my Blogging activities at the first..So plz bear a little patience as my dear ARB will not entertain you daily..You have to wait only till 5th May..and then I'll be writing blogs daily..In the month of February and March, I have written 24 blogs in each month..Wow...But in this month..I have written only 15 blogs including this one..Im very sad with this..I dont know How I turned so irresponsible..Dont worry guys from next month you will not get less than 30 blogs per month..I'll always come here to talk with all of you...Thanks a lot..


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