15 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Completed 1 Year in MUMBAI- The City Of Dreams !!!

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          On 14th April,2009..I was very excited. REASON: My house was packed up by the Singhania Packers and Movers and the next day , I was to shift in Mumbai permanently...Now the only framework which was building up in my mind was that I'll be shifting in the CITY OF DREAMS..People from different places are influenced by Mumbai and migrate here for jobs or even if they have no jobs and they have no hopes regarding this..Then too they dare to shift themselves in Mumbai because they have a little hope that there will be a little ray of hope glittering on them which can turn their life and make it shine like a diamond..But then there are many experiences of the migrated people in Mumbai that they were successful and fortuneful before they landed in Mumbai but as soon as they have started drinking the water of Mumbai and eating the salt of Mumbai , their life has turned miserable...So I was just very much disturbed and excited for landing in Mumbai the very next day...I was just trying to predict my future..That what will Mumbai bring for me? Success or a normal life as Im living....I just wanted to change myself..Because Mumbai is the Los-Angeles of India and here the life is very modish and bizarre..Comparing and walking with the congruence of our shoulder with the Mumbaikar's shoulder is very hard...Its very hard to be in the competition in Mumbai..Many wins the race and many lacks behind...I was just waiting for my luck and fortune..

                 Finally , the day came , I landed at Mumbai on 15th April-2009..I reached Mumbai at 9AM in the morning..I came to Mumbai from Nashik..So everything was a whim for me..The tall buildings..The wide roads..Smart people..The local trains..The fast moving people..The quest for winning the competition..Everything was an exciting outcome for me from this city..And today its again the same day- 15th April,2010.. And I have completed One year here in this city today...And this one year has given me a lot..It has changed my life..From an underdog , It has made me somewhat a cynosure..It has given me my previous life back...which I thought was a dream now..But it gave me many things..many achievements..many ways...and now I know ...Why people run and land here in Mumbai and feel proud to be in this city..Even I'm crazy for this city now..Even I'm excited every morning to travel by local train to my college..To have the vision of tall buildings..smart people..and a fast-moving life of this city...This city has given me the passing result of 12th which I knew that it will be definitely a failing certificate and I'll have to repeat 12th again...It also gave me a moment to celebrate with the 1st rank in Mumbai in the entrance exam of BCA of my college..It also gave me the title of Mr.Fresher for which I just had a hope but no believe that I'll surely achieve it..This city then gave me the first girlfriend of my life...and even the first break-up of my life..This city also gave me the 3rd rank in the class which I never expected from myself..This city also gave me the first Newspaper article which I never thought before coming to Mumbai that I'll write something for a newspaper..This year also gave me the pleasure and delightedness of winning the Traditional day of my college..This year also gave me the first stage solo performance of my life at the college fest..and the biggest of all..This year gave me the passion of BLOG and made me the BLOGGER and gave me the biggest dream of publishing a novel written by me..So finally, Mumbai has changed my life..It has made me something above an Ordinary person..It has made me something above the line of simplicity....

               I love this city a lot..And I have already decided that I'm not going to leave this city in any circumstances ...but if the last option is to leave my jaan-Mumbai..I'll have to do this forcibly but right now at this level of my life...I have no idea of leaving Mumbai...I love this city a lot..and hope a lot from the coming year..And I love every person who is a Mumbaikar and Im proud to be a Mumbaikar and Raj Thackeray remember..Im not going to leave Mumbai..You kill me ..Its OK....But I'm not going to leave this city just because I wasn't born here...And readers, Please Congratulate me for completing a Year here in Mumbai....



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