29 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Choose The Options Which Will Satisfy Your Life !!!

             183RD BLOG -->>

          Never expect best from your life..And don't even predict best for your life...Live your life as its going on...Try doing something that will aggrevate your life to the next level..Its not easy to moot your life to the next level..It needs and it demands audacity..But you need not be sentimental while selecting what will be the best in your life which will explore the right demands of your life...Take the decision from your heart and mind..Think properly and sincerely about what you really can do in your life which will promote you in your satisfaction measuring scale..I wasn't satisfied with my life once upon a time...But when I decided that now Ronaa-gaana bahut ho gaya..I should do something which will keep me happy and will keep me busy with it..I got 100 options to do...I cut off many of them and came to 5 of them..I'm doing some of them like Im writing daily...Im sleeping less...Im performing in almost every activity of my college...Not calling people from my mobile which helps me being away from the gossips and tensions..Ceased argumentation with the people who are passionate for arguing...So the day I added all this tasks in my routine I got the most lively life in my daily routines and tasks..

             Now when people call me blogger and google sends me updates that my blog was visited these number of times in a day..or when facebook shows on my wall that there are 42 fans of my blog's community..It makes me happy..I also added one more thing in my routine that I'll never do anything to compete and be ahead of someone..No I dont want to..There are many bloggers who have millions of followers..If I'll see them..I'll be never satisfied with my blogs and my rankings..But now when today, I see only myself..And see where have I progressed and where have I faced a downfall..I see that Im happy where-ever I am..People aren't commenting on my blog..This isn't depressing me..But it is motivating me that I should write such a blog that after reading person will be forced by his internal factors of approach to post a comment on my blog..It is not everytime that the national bestseller book is sold with the same number of sales..It has to suffer even out of Top 10 sellers book for a week or 2 in between..So that means should the writer or author of that book be tensed and he should blame himself for his failure this week..No..He should keep faith and troth in himself and should keep writing so that his next book which is getting ready gets a new outlook which will catch more number of peoples than his previous creation....

             I'm happy with the number of options I have chosen in my life to be happy..I have also choosen the one to be far away from my relatives and never propose a girl again..This is the biggest factor which has satisfied me in my life..Because these two parts of my life tilts me down on my graph's axis....Today Im happy with whatever I am...Today when my blogs are talked about..I do take the feedbacks and appreciation happily and thank god for giving me a satisfactory life..Choosing the options is the best thing and writing them in a diary and reading them daily is the best of the best...I have planned to watch Indian Idol because it satisfies me..It refreshes me..So Im satisfied after watching it..I dont want anymore TV after that show..Why? Because I have pointed the best show on the TV and Im stuck to my favourite..Im not blown off here and there watching my friends following different channels and reality shows.At last, my conclusion for writing this 183rd is that take your time, list all the options in your life which you have till now only dreamt of doing..Then select Top 5 of them and start doing them from today..Make them a part of your routine..and then be satisfied in your life...And keep adding such points in your life..You will grow up..and your life will moot up to the next level..Its not easy but its not difficult..Believe me..




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