4 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

First Solo Dance Performance of my Life !!!

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Link-  My First Stage Solo Dance Performance At My College's Fest 

        Ohh..I have no words to clarify my absence on my blog..Im really very sorry friends for my irresponsibility towards serving you all..Actually sometimes situations are out of control..We know the truck is going to hit me but then too our brain doesn't make our legs to move and save ourself..Same happened here..I was knowing that I'm not blogging which I should do but then too the situations and time didn't co-operated..I had my college fest on 1st April..I wasn't in any performance but then 1000 PLEASE of Prema, Many requests of Vandana, Eagerness of Yusuf to watch me on Stage and the support of Saquib and Sohail Mulani(My classmates) penetrated the vindication of my dance performance in the schedule of the Fest..On 30th March, All these people convinced me to dance and participate..On 31st March, I gave auditions infront of the jury and half of the college..Got a huge plaudit and appreciation..Many claps and then on 1st April..I performed my first ever solo dance performance on a stage..Unbelievable for me..How the time passed and it made me a star..Nothing is decided in life..Everything comes with your attitude towards the approach of your life..When my attitude was negative, I kept refusing my friends for the dance..But then when I transformed my attitude into a confidence and pragmatic, My legs started moving and step came into set of string in a flick..Where everyone practised for weeks..It took me Zero effort to set up a dance and perform it..Everything came with a blink of eye..And this was the first ever solo dance performance by someone in my college at fest..And it was me..WOW !!!

               On 1st April, The show was to start from 6.30 PM but because of the great punctuality shown by the HOD of our college and Directors..Show began at 9 PM...In the speech, Director said that our DJ NITE after the cultural programme is cancelled as it will be 10 PM and as per the orders and rules of Supreme Court there should be no loudspeaker vociferating loudly..All the students hurled their angers at this ruffling announcement..Everything was arranged..You are late and you are trying to malaise the students..It is wrong..It is Injustice..But there was no choice..Abrar the host announced his witty words..Even we are the students of BBA and MBA and we will show the teachers how we will manage the show and have DJ NITE too..and all of us clapped in the support of him..Before these guests came to the event, Abrar played his part best as a host..He informed us that guests will arrive shortly till then we will have some talks..He went to a senior girl and had a minute chat with her..Then he came to me ... Introduced me as Mr.Fresher and reminded everyone of my auspicious win..then he talked about my blogs and said that everyone from Bharati Vidyapeeth is proud of my daily blogs..The way he talked about my blogs was a huge felicitation to me..When he was approaching towards my seat with his mike , I knew he is going to publicize me..Then he asked me ,"Why am I doing BCA?"..I replied,"I always had two passions-One to Write and One to do something in Computer..creating something in computer..Writing can be developed at home with the help of reading novels and writing blogs..But computers can't be learned at home and so I'm here at Bharati Vidyapeeth for BCA." He exclaimed,"GOOD" and everyone clapped..and then he said-Thanks Abhilash..And we will see you shortly on stage..as my performance was approaching..

               Then this guests came gave the speech and award and prize distribution ceremony started..I won a certificate for my win at traditional day where I possessed Sardar's Look...Then finally the cultural ceremony started..My performance was at 4th position serially..I wasn't afraid this time as Abrar mooted my confidence with his chats..sharing words with me infront of everyone..As the 3rd performance came, I went backstage for being ready to climb stage with the announcement of my name..A senior informed me that Song will be stopped after the first paragraph as we have to stop the show as early as possible to enjoy DJ NITE..I co-operated..and then Abrar announced-Let have Mr.Fresher and Blogger-Abhilash Ruhela on stage..I climbed the stage to give my first ever stage solo performance of my life..I came and sat down and took my position for the dance..And he again shouted..Give him a clap..I was so honored..And then my song volumed..Kahiin to hogi wo from Jaane tu ya Jaane na Movie..I started dancing..I was enjoying my performance..I wasn't nervous this time..And finally My performance ended with the claps..This is the first time when somebody has performed Solo dance at my college's fest..Check out my dance video at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIFPoUoOWgM ..The video is not from starting as my friend didn't clicked the button to start the video...Have a look at the video and revert back...

               So, now I'm very happy to perform at my college's fest...A show can't be successful if the students aren't participating..I participated and made a show little more successful..I'm proud of myself for this...My college gave me a new experience again..For this performance to be bizarre and wonderful, I want to acknowledge many of you there..At the first, I would like to thank Prema..The girl who first requested me to perform..I don't know what confidence did she had in me that she was trying so much to convince me..Atlast she was successful..She would have used the word-PLEASE 1000 of times in a day which made my heart little more confident to perform..and then Vandana and Yusuf for showing redundant confidence on me..I was perplexed for my dance but they weren't..Then I would like to thank Saquib and Sohail Mulani who saw my dance several times and gave their robust feedback on it which incorporated beautiful steps on the number..Then , Sharon Bhai for motivating me to dance and forcing me for this activity..Rishab Bhai for editing and mixing my song..Punit Bhai to help me with the wordings and music of the song..Taruna mam for selecting me in the audition..to everyone who clapped for me in the audition...and then atlast but not the least - Abrar Bhai for introducing me so greatly and wonderfully at the fest..Because the way he used the adjectives- Mr.Fresher and Blogger everytime he announced my name on the event made me tension-free for my upcomming performance..Thanks a lot to everyone of you..

                 Chalo Now Im moving to sleep..or to complete assignments..Mosquitoes are troubling me a lot..and friends, I'll upload my full dance video in some days as soon as I get it in someone's mobile..Till then...Good Night..Good Life...Love you all...


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