28 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

I'm Sad Today !!!

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        Everytime heart cannot be cheerful and happy..Heart is not pragmatical always...My heart wasn't in a mood today..It made me sad..I don't know why I remembered all those pasts which I have already forgotten...Today, I felt the existence of Javed Akhtar's words in my life- Kehne ko saath apne ek duniya chalti hai, par chupke is dil mein tanhaai palti hai..I normally don't feel loneliness now after coming to Mumbai..I'm enjoying the city and my life..There is so much to do here in this city..I'm enjoying a lot..I utilize my each day here and try to learn something and know something more..I try to add something in my mind..I remember when this winter, I went to my native place in North India , I was feeling terrible..I was feeling lonely and that made me remember the worst person of my life with whom once I shared the most beautiful moments..Its not my ex-gf ..Dont worry..It is somebody else whose name I have decided not to use on my blog..So I told my mummy there that Im remembering that person and she said me to concentrate on different things..That was the time I picked the novels and completed three novels in three days..just to be in myself and don't disturb myself with the thoughts which are going to put me again in depression..

             But today , again I felt the same absurd environment around me..I wasnt thinking of that person today but something else was taking off something from me..I was feeling like something is going away from me..I don't know what..I was feeling like this is the last day of my good times and from today my bad time has started..Im very much worried..What made me so sad and ruffled..I dont want this type of thoughts to be transient in my life because they slow down my speed of living happily..27th April has been the first bad day of this year 2010 for me..I hope no other day come this way again..I was remembering what all I thought for the whole day which made my heart sunk and slow down but didn't found the victim of this..No tension..I'm going to sleep just after this blog and have decided not to wake even a single second after posting up this blog..Will wake up tomorrow with a fresh mind and will work accordingly as planned..Now-a-days I have started maintaining the daily timetable according to the hours on my mobile and I pass the day according to it..This is the first time in 1.5 years that Im not feeling to study while the exams are going on..I don't know why Im taking this exam so innocuously even when I know that this is an important exam..God give me brain...

              Today I had chat with many old friends with whom I didn't had chat from a long time..I think that was the moment when something has clicked my brain which has hanged it..No worry..I'll rathe tomorrow morning..I don't know why nobody is commenting now-a-days on my blog..What people are waiting for..This is one of the reason which sadden me..Everyone said me to reduce the number of blogs I write..I just did it unknowingly and I can see how the people have left me..This is why I dont listen to useless ideas of some people but can't even ignore them because once in the life they have even given me a good one..So had to and I can see the conclusion of their Idea..People loved me when I blogged daily and Now I have decided I'll not leave my readers even for a second after my exams will be over..I'll always hold their hand and will not leave them...My Facebook's community of blog now has 42 fans...I need 8 more to touch my target of 50 ....Thank u everyone to join it and give my blog a place on facebook..Im very happy..and keep giving feedbacks..Im waiting for it...Thanks a lot for reading my frazzled position today..Hope I'll recover tomorrow...Thanks


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