21 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

1st Exam / Prema's Bday / 1st Semi-Final of IPL Today !!!

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          Again there was a birthday of a friend- Prema...20TH APRIL..Happy Birthday To You..Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day !!! May God Bless You With All The Success and Happiness You Dream !!! Best Wishes From Me and My Parents !!! Prema- I'll not talk much about this girl because already many-a-times I have used this name on my blog and you all would have understood and predicted about How her personality is...Let me define the personality- Short Height..Fair Complexion..I must say White Complexion..Cute Smile..Sweet face...I never considered her as a girl of my age or classmate something..I have always taken her as a small girl child... She is very interesting to talk..The sweetness in her voice and talking accent takes all your tension and stress out..She looks like Shakti of Dance India Dance..I'm telling this because I haven't uploaded her pic in my blog as she is a girl and I don't want anybody to face trouble because of me..So not talking much about her I'll wish her best wishes for her birthday again.. Happy Birthday to You- Miss Prema Rajput !!!

              I gave my first exam of Semester-2.. I don't like talking about my routines but some activities enforces you to talk about them..and thus that part of the whole routine penetrates into the blog..I had my paper of Digital Computer Organization..What you deciphered from the name of the subject? About what does it teach us? Didnt understood na..Even I dont understand this subject..This subject is all about Logic gates and Circuits...And as I'm very poor in Science this subject is like Salman Khan to me..Even you can't make out How kind of person Salman Khan is..This is the worst paper I have written in my Graduation Career..Tomorrow when my records will be displayed as the Player's record is Displayed under the title of IPL Career..This paper will be in the section of the Worst performance ever by this Engineer-Abhilash...Uff!!! I never expected such a marvelous performance from myself..The main problem was that ki I feared from this subject and thus this subject ate me all over in 3 months..I'm not so sad after under-performing in this paper because everyone in my class gave their worst performance today..But I would like to thank Arun and Birthday Girl for helping me today with the answers...Siddhesh gave Dhoka and thus there is chance of a DROP in this subject for me..Exams are very scary as the lectures of the Father...

              Tomorrow, its First Semi-final of the IPL 2010...IPL has journeyed a long way to reach till this important match..Tomorrow Its Mumbai vs Bangalore..As I'm supporting Mumbai, Im more nervous for the tomorrow's match than my exams..Bangalore is also the best team..Its not easy to play and score good runs against them and its also not easy to confine them for a very less competitive score..It will be a wonderful experience to watch this match tomorrow..I'm super-excited to watch this incredibility...Tomorrow, I think its last chance for Sachin and Kallis to fight for the Orange Cap..Because if Sachin scores more than Kallis and if Mumbai wins..Then the Cap goes to Sachin..And is Kallis scores more than Sachin and if Bangalore wins..Cap goes to Kallis..So this will be a good competition to witness..Now this is the final match for Mumbai..If they lose tomorrow..Whatever greatness they have showed all over in IPL will be forgotten..This is the Rule in Games and Movies...So its necessary for them to win tomorrow's match as they have efforted a lot this time to reach till here...Mumbai, I'm praying for your win and hope you will do today something which the Cricket lovers will remember forever...Atlast Duniya Hilaa Hi Daalo Aaj..I'm expecting a lot from Sachin, Saurabh, Duminy, Pollard, Harbhajan, Zaheer and Malinga... I want all this in-form-players to score the best they can..and fielding should be your X-Factor tomorrow..I'm surprised to see all the South teams in Semis- Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad..Kochin coming next year in IPL ..One more Team from South..I'm thinking of buying Gorakhpur from North-India..I'll be the captain of the team...Uff..Sorry guys to bore you all with this last sentence..I should move before you all kick me..



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