24 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Sachin's Birthday and Shakti-The Dancing Star !!!

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             Atlast, My favourite Shakti Mohan won the Dance India Dance 2... I am so happy.. This girl always kept quiet and just kept concentrating and performing and learning.. Never ever shouted .. never ever proclaimed that I want to win the title of The Dancing Star.. Even when she used to be complimented for her moves..She just used to smile and with a very little sound- A voice used to come out - THANKS.. Never talked too much.. That is why I loved her a lot..The term - Dancing Star means not only dance..It means personality, looks and an over-all personality which also can dance up to mark..And this was the quality this girl had..Nobody can doubt today that Why is she winner..She had a record for winning the Best Performance of the Day for the highest number of times..She won this for 6 times all over in this season..Now when a girl had made happy to so many people ...We should make even her blithe for the entertainment and happiness she gave us through her dancing..Even I voted her through SMSes and Internet..And I'm happy that My choice is not wierd and odd..I'm one from the many in the crowd..She got some 7 lakh + votes ..and she lead the 1st runner-up Dharmesh by 4000 votes.. and here is she is..The Dancing Star..When the show started I loved Dharmesh..But as the day passed...As the performance passed..I used to see a sense of Pride in him and over-confident that Main main hu..baaki sub mere neechey hain..He never said anything like this..\he used to act very nicely as he is down-to-earth but His face said everything..And thus I started hating him...and even his mentor-Geeta Kapoor used to fly in clouds because of the talent and publicity he had..And Im happy that Terence won rather than that Proudy Geeta Kapoor...SHAKTI--I love you and waiting for the Promotional Video of Tees Maar Khaan in which you will be seen with Akshay and Katrina..

             And Now talking about the Birthday Boy whom I consider as my god and idol- Sachin Tendulkar..  Today on 24th he has turned 37.. And I hope to see him playing for the next 37 years..The man has just augmented his performance day by day..You cannot set a limit for him..He is the only player who lands on the ground and the spectators give him a standing ovation before batting..No player gets appreciation before doing some incredible..But this player has done so much that people aren't hoping any much..We expect but we know that even if he retires today..He has given us what we Indians wanted from Cricket..A very minute quantity of people in India would be hating Tendulkar ..and they are sick..What I have analyzed is that he is the most Successful - talented person of India..No one is more successful than him in India at the international level if counted for the talent..I admire him a lot..The way he has made a heap and pile of records are like the flop films of Abhishek Bachchan.. And the best performance is 200* .. This is something which every player and lover of cricket just dreamed off..But this man did it..and showed us that if you have guts and craze in you for what you love..You can achieve any hurdle..let it be however difficult it is..

             He is little far away from completing his 100 Centuries and 100 half-centuries in his career..I don't know tha accurate number but they are in 90s..So very soon we will be hearing about the new magic from this man..He is the God of cricket..He is the man who teaches how to play cricket just by standing on the ground in the decent and quiet manner and scoring high and building records..He is a coach for the other 10 Indian Player who doesn't guides..He just stand with them and they know that support of God is with them in the form of Sachin..Recently , He was playing..He cored his 150 runs when Sehwag said ..Overs are left , you keep playing softly and dont hurry and 200 runs is possible for you today..But as Sachin started playing after that..He felt some stretch in his muscles of abdomen..and he left the match in between at 164* because he felt that if he will be unhealthy today, he will have to sit for the other many matches which are very important for Indian team to win..Then in the dressing room , Sehwag showed his dissappointment for Sachin leaving the ground at that time when 200 was so near and easy..But see the man...Finally he did it..and that too with a powerful performance...Personality is short but the character and will to achieve is high..I have seen no person on this earth more successful than him if talking about talent..One more was like him - and he was Michael Jackson..As he has left us...Right now, only Sachin survives on the Earth who is GOD of Talent...
Happy Birthday to you, My God..My Idol....Sachin Sir..And Hope you and your team will bring the IPL title with you this time...Thanks a lot...


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Wilshire said...

Yep! Sachin sure is a performer!
I really respect him for that.
But i really am not interested in cricket though..
I dont even know what kind of match is going on, when did it start, nothing at all!
SAchin was all over TV today!
Thats how i came to know its his birthday today.
BTW sorry for not being able to follow your blogs lately!
But there was a lot of stuff going on, and I just had to sort them out.

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