7 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Follow Successful Personalities Like Sachin !!!

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           Watched the match of Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings..I was watching the math with the confidence that Mumbai Indians are again going to win the match and shut up everyone but as the match turned its facet , everything changed..Nothing was on the right path..Chennai Super Kings batted first and scored 165..Then Mumbai came on the strike and Sachin Tendulkar returned back because of his unhealthy circumstances..He left teh team at the stage when Mumbai wasn't bad..They weren't leading but they were on teh right track but as soon as Sachin left the field being retired..All the players were blown off by the great bowlers of Chennai in a seconds..Atlast Sachin arrived back and I had a hope again that he will do something which is always expected by him because he is efficacious but the way he too trembled down at 45 runs was the biggest disaster for the fan like me...Mumbai Indians now have won 7 matches of all the 9 matches they have played..Standing at the first position..Sachin standing at the first position for the highest number of fours beaten by someone...But Sachin has hit only one SIX in this whole tournament of IPL..Sachin is also standing at the second position in the leading run scorers..He is little behind from Jacques Kallis..When the team lost the match, I waited for the presentation ceremony..I wanted to hear Sachin speak after losing this match after a series of win incessantly one after another..

               Sachin came and said that it was necessary for us to lose now to get more charged and warmed up..because we were winning continuously and if this bad luck would have been landed upon us somewhere at semi-finals..we will be hurled out of the tournament..So its better that we lost now..Now we will be alert and motivated for the next matches..He had a smile on his face..No regret of losing the match..because the great god of cricket knows that One lost match can never blow up the sense of cricket in him..He know that 1 failure will grow him more as a cricketer and learner..Its so knowledgeable and interesting to hear the words of this successful and great people of their fields..They have a huge experience and a deep knowledge about the success and failure and so they always give a good and fair advise..because they have no jealousy and fear that other can break their record or move upper than them by the advise they have given to them..After reaching at that stage , they love the person who break their record..They come to know the level of maturity other possess..When Sachin spoke that I'm an Indian first and then a Maharashtrian..He taught all of us that live for your country first and then for your home..Amitabh Bachchan always say that Agar mann ka ho to atcha aur agar mann ka na ho to aur bhi atcha..This sentence has a great meaning..And thus following this particular articulate, Big B has reached at this level where everyone stands up when he enters..Everyone treat him as a God..When A.R.Rehman won the Oscars, he said in an interview, After dedicating so much in the music field, I have won now after so many years..You can yourself analyze how much time it takes to achieve the goal of yours...Now just concentrate on the wordings...This teaches us that keep walking on the road towards your goal and motive rather than losing patience and hope..Atlast you will surely gain the impossibility..

               Everyone is born a child..Don't take the factor of a family he is born in..Rich or Poor..Child comes with no wealth..no aim..But as he grows..He finds what he is good at..and finally achieve the same..But what are you doing? Listening music in your earphone gives nothing..Think that are you going to be Music directors? Watching movies gives you nothing..Think that are you going to be director? Playing cricket and wasting time in it is very easy but think that is your future a Cricketer? If the answer is NO to every question than why are you wasting your time in this activities..Find out your potential, your strength, your momentum..and then start wasting your time on it..Life is very short to do small things...So try doing something big..something which really values something on this world rather than doing something which has no profit outputs except the waste of your energy , mind and time..Think once again..choose your destiny...and keep following these great people...



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