17 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Kunwar Amar / Dance / Salman Khan on Twitter !!!

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        Right now I saw the biggest dance reality show of India- Dance India Dance- 2.. It was the last elimination round today as the next week is the live telecast of the Grand Finale of this season..Out of 5 Contestants- 1 was to leave today..And the sword fell on Kunwar Amar..Now, this contestant wasn't my favourite..My favourite is Shakti..But I used to see myself in this boy..The same triangle beard as I keep below my lower lips..the same way of talking..the same way of being confident..and the same way of being shy..Everything I felt like it matched me..He used to smile in the same precariousness as I do...He too was an untrained dancer as I am..When I saw his performance on the song- Kahiin to Hogi Woh..I decided that I'll also try to perform sometime in my life on the same song..and finally I did it at my college's fest on 1st April..So you can say that Kunwar Amar made me the dancer once again and made me perform on the stage in that way..because before watching his performance, I used to do a dance which had no name rather than trying to be a Hip-Hop star or trying to be Hrithik..But after watching him, I tried to understand what Freestyle Comtemporary dance is ..and I performed..He made me learn what expressions are..because Im very bad at expressions..So I respected the boy a lot..I knew that he won't win the show..as everyone in India knows that either Dharmesh Sir or Shakti going to win the title..So he had no chance..I also knew that he will be eliminated in today's episode as he used to be in dangerous zone every week..And finally when today he was out..I felt like ceasing to follow the show but I believe that- Dont take an useless step just because of your non-revolutionary Emotions..

                Dancing is a good way to exude your stress out..Dancing is heuristic with happiness..Whenever you are happy , you dance even when you aren't a dancer..I love the people who dance..But I hate the people who dance with a high volume of music at their homes..Uff..Hope my neighbours are listening for whom I'm saying this sentence intentionally..So, I was saying that When we are happy we dance even when we don't know how to do it..SO likely, we should even dance when we are sad..when we are sentimental and emotional..Now many of you will say that Im mad and stupid to say this but Dont you listen to sad music and your favourite emotional songs when you are sad..Most often you do this..So you try once to dance when you are sad...Dance furiously...Show all your amidst of anger and aggression in your dance..Jump a lot in your dancing that time..and when after 5 mins when the song will be over..You will find your self , relaxed..Revealing my secret - Yaa, I dance when I'm angry..I dance madly in my bedroom when I'm angry ..And when after dancing I drink cold water to remove my frustration and tiredness too.. I feel myself comfortable and out of tension...Try my buddies and revert back that did you felt a change or everything was just a whim from me...and the effect was null..and a garbage value in BCA language..

                And all the fans of Salman Khan, a good news for all of you..he is on twitter now..You can follow him on twitter at Salman Khan . And one more good news is that he has broke the record of SRK of attracting the most followers in first 12 hours of joining..SRK had 10,000 followers in first 12 hours and Salman had 18,000+ ....So atlast, Sallu Bhai showed his power...There are many actors who just say and give promises..but this is the man who does first and speak out later..His fan following is the most among all the bollywood stars..People have their favourites but even though having their favourites , they love Salman Khan...No other actor is having such popularity..Chalo..Now..I should move before the Hate Clubs of Salman Khan come to beat me..




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