18 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

New Books Of BCA

Bagiyaa bagiya baalak bhaagey
Fir bhi titli haath na aaye
Is paggley ko kaun bataaye
Dhundh raha tu jo is jagg mein....
Koi jo khoye to hi paaye.....

Sapno se bhare naina...Toh neend hai naa Chainaaaa............

It was planned that today me and my friend (Classmate) Yusuf will be going to buy books of BCA.I was very much excited for this but the biggest excitement was that I'm going to Mumbai VT.

Many people come to Mumbai from whole of the nation to become actors , professionals etc and everyone haults on this platform of Mumbai VT station and whenever I go to Mumbai VT- The Heart Of Mumbai there are lots of dreams in my eyes.I never had a single dream, I always have many dreams to be.Im going to be a Computer Engineer in future as Im doing BCA right now but still there are many thoughts and dreams which are going through in my mind.

I want to be a Dancer, a Model, an Actor, Choreographer in short you can say that I want to be in camera.I just want to do something because of which I can be a part of the television.

I have always tried to be the part of reality shows but still I didnt got a chance but friends still many years are left to show the pages of my life and Surely, Im going to be a celebrity thats what confidence I have on myself.


Kuch Jyaada hi sapney ho gaye aur kaam ki baat to ki hi nahi...I bought 2 new books of my course - C Programming and Discrete Maths....But abhi bhi unhe padhne ki sochi nahi hai....But yaa my plan is to start studies from this Thursday.....Hope I'll get into the studies from this Thursday.

In the last half an hour of the day I watched Sach Ka Saamna which is my regular show and I really enjoyed the girl Zaara committing facts without nervousness.....Hope she will do good in tomorrow's episode as she is role over contestant.

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W!lsh!re said...

VT station stands for Victoria Terminus..
this name was kept very long ago, i think during the british rule in india..
Now its called CST.. but i like to call it VT, it sounds cooler :P
And i think, the shooting of the Slumdog Millionare song was done at VT..
not to forget the terrorist attacks on the 26th of nov, 08....
that too happened at VT..
arre yaar, my uncle works at Taj hotel..
good thing his shift got over in the afternoon itself, before the terrorists attacked...
God protected him..

Abhilash Ruhela said...

Hmm...Nice and right info...VT is a gr8 railway statn...I just luv going der...

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