12 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Swine Flu's Fear !!!

In the morning I peeped into the newspaper and my brain got diverted towards this severe topic of Swine Flu..Our brothers and Sisters are dying because of this harmful communal disease which is getting spread bcoz of H1N1 virus. Its not easy to say that What can happen to me because I have seen many people in my area and in Local trains wearing mask to avoid this disease and this Virus to travel between human beings and diffuse them.

I marched towards my college for the daily routine of getting bored in lectures and in the way I got some notifications that today Ill get a leave because of this deadly disease.

In the way I called my childhood friend-Rohit and the one with whom I shared the most of my secrets.On 11th August he turned 20.He has always been with me. just a one miscall far he is and then he is with me.At my one saying me diverts his plan towards that side...Last few years have been a tough time for him but surely he will recover if he changes his Friends company in Pune.But his life is his life.But he has always been kind to me and has always respected my emotions and sentiments.

Then now after this I reached My college and Yes the students of BCA 3rd year boycotted and I came to know that Its really a holiday today.Then happily we came out of college and started our Gupshups..

My new friend Arya and the monitor of the class were both trying to flirt with a girl Umera in our class at last Arya won to take her in the Inorbit mall but unluckily Sameer - the monitor reached there and saw him with her sitting and enjoying the eatables.After that Arya got tensed and called me and I told him not to get tensed as I m always with him as he is a good boy and I know that I have the ability of Leadership and I can march friends against any one so if Sameer shows his Mardaangi type of thing Ill show him what the world is ........

1 CoMMenTs !!! - U CaN aLSo CoMMenT !!!:

Anonymous said...

ppl need 2 understand dat swine flu a.k.a. H1N1 strain of Influenza is completely curable.. but not until the final stages..
but it does take abt 8 days to develop the symptoms, so in the mean while, it can infect other ppl..
a kerchief folded a few times will serve better than a surgical mask..
even the "N95" type of mask is not completely effective..
after all, all of those have to be disposed..
maybe a SABA mask can provide the wanted level of safety!!

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