30 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Belated Rohit Bhai's Birthday & Hirana Mam's Birthday!!!

On 22nd of this month, It was birthday of the biggest brother and cousin of our family of this generation..Rohit Bhaiyya...He is the biggest son of our family..He is 27 now and he is married...He hasbeen married last year and he is living Happy Married Life in London..Bhabhiji too is with him there...Im 7 years younger to me but our attachment and frankness is just like we are of same age group..either his heart is still childish or Im much more matured then I have to be...But both of us share a good and lovely relationship..I have met him only once in my life and that too for a short period of time which includes only few hours. I met him some 7 years back but that little hours were such a good quality time that we both are such in a touch that till today we are in contact..Unfortunately I wasnt there in his marriage...but that didnt make our relationship lack of love and well being...We both are brothers and we both share good piece of time through Chatting, video chat and phone calls..

He always teach me how to be a good person and what all Talents and quality I have in me...Whenever he is wrong he never feels small to say SORRY and Im his little bro..So i keep doing mistakes..Hahaha....Rohit Bhaai, Imstill waiting for November tocome wen I'll meet you again..and brother,now Im not that small child Now Im grown Up....Face still looks like a small baby but my size and bones have grown up..actually Im a bournvita Boy so..hahaha....I miss you whenever I hear the word BROTHER or COUSIN.....Hope we will be together in the future years......Love You brother....MuaaaHH....

Today on 30th August, My sweetest and favourite teacher, Hirana Mam took birth..in which year I dont know that because You all knowthat asking a lady her birth year or age is a crime....She was my favourite teacher of all time till my Academic years...I always used to wait for her period when I was in 5th..She came new in that year..After wards I went in Secondary section in std 6th and missed her period a lot...and I never had conversation in the next 6 years till my academic years as the building changed.......but I again met her on a Social Networking site where she made her account and I was the first person she searched and added and I went very happy to see her back...Then again the chats began and everything with my favourite teacher began...I received her wishes in my HSC exam.....and then I came in Mumbai and fortunately She too was living in Panvel...and I again went mad with happiness....Till now both of us havent met in panvel...but when the god has written my meeting with my favourite teacher ,We will meet.....But Mam,Im very much glad to have u back......with the same Nature and Attitude..You havent changed...

Happy Birthday To You !!!
Marry Soon!!!

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