7 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

One Week Handled Safely !!!

One week of my college has successfully been finished but theres still many doubt which are left uncleared and the rim of my mind is just revolving in its axis that whats going to be next in my college life. Im not much interested in my classmates as I didnt found any one of my type. My type includes the boys possessing good sense of humour and the style of mimicre but here there is nobody upto my expectation and Im very sad that I didnt got my ideal classmates with whom I have to be for three years till my graduation gets over.

I got the best of the colleges but the management isnt concentrating on us and still I didnt got my course books and theres exam after 2 months..

Hey God Just Save Me !!!

0 CoMMenTs !!! - U CaN aLSo CoMMenT !!!:

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