17 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

The Day Of Praise !!!

As soon as I woke up,there was a knock ,opened the door and found a man Introducing the new look of Hindustan times, He said that this newspaper is going to start new offers will be cheaper then the offers of other newspaper supplies.I'm already subscribed with DNA newspaper and I'm satisfied with it coz Less Advertisements and More Matters so I'm not interested in this Hindustan Times.

Called College and came to know that I still have to wait till Wednesday coz my college will re-open on Thursday-Still my college is facing fear of Swine Flu...there's a statement in newspaper by Scientists that 1 Crore humans will test positive till this December.So I dont think that college should be kept close with this reason of Swine Flu.

One more reason made me happy today-I got one more new compliment from Mazida Didi for my Blog..She said that she is very happy to see me blogging and I felt very proud because of this statement from her.

I got one more compliment from Arushi didi but that was for my dance video in Youtube and Orkut.She told I look cool while dancing and my dance is awesome..This gave me motivation to dance more.

Wished my friend Ganesh the belated happy birthday and this is how this day completed with so much of praise and motivations and new contacts........

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