2 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

FrienDShiP DaY - A CraZe !

Today its Friendship Day on 2nd August, yesterday in my blog i shared with you all that how crazy this august month is and you can see it right from today from the second day of this month.
HaPPy FrienDShiP DaY To All Of My Friend Of Jindal - Pune - Aurangabad - Nashik - Mumbai.

In India we can see a big craze of this day , i dont know what makes this day so special? Yes, its Ok its a day of friends and we pass on all our life with our friend but it doesnt mean ki you showing so much of eagerness only on this day. what makes u so excited in this?
Remember one thing when you will be all alone in your life and when you would really need sumone in your life to help you and to co operate you you will find your every friend running from you giving you such an excuses that you cant even stop them.And that moment of the life you will feel that friends are the worst experience of the life and that time you will realise that parents are the only one who are always with you in every circumstances of your life.So friends stop wasting your time with such friends and start living your life.The way in which you are celebrating friendship day by buying bands and all save this money and save money and on the Mother's day and Father's day, gift sumthing to your parents..then see the smile on their face.
Then you will realise what the real happiness is and who really are your good and best friends in your life..
The best friend of the whole life is no one else then your mother.
And one bitter Truth

Anybody who is your friend either good or best is with you only because he has sum profit and advantage from you and else theres no reason of the friendship..

but leave all this
Happy Friendship To All Of You.

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa - VeeRu

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