7 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Rakshabandhan - Dedicated To Nidhi Didi

Yesterday all over India Rakshabandhan the festival of the love between bro and sis was celebrated delightfully and charmly. In this occasion Sisters tie rakhi to her brothers requesting them to take care of them for the whole of life , then see touches the feet of her brother and feed their brother with sweets then in the form of love brother give their sister a gift-it can be anything such as Jewellery clothes cosmetic anything or 101 1001 rs acc to our myth which are considered as good wills.

I have three sisters , this rakshabandhan for me was special for some one else till last time it occured but this time my all the love and excitement was for my sister Nidhi didi.
She has been the only sister who have tied me Rakhi or you can say that she got a chance to tie my rakhi else no one of my sister got the chance. I have no sister of my own - two are my cousins Swati and Tannu but Nidhi didi is some one special as she is not in my blood relation but she is in my heart and the best and the caring sister ever.

I never promise anybody about the future because except god nobody knows what kind of future you may see further but I wished and blessed my self that to keep care of my sister Nidhi didi for the whole of my life.

I tied her Rakhi in the early morning because she made the rakhi by her hands and didnt used the readymade ones which are sold out in moneys at the shops thats called the sister's love for brother and I tied rest of my Sister's rakhi in evening and this is how my festival ended with the love for my sister Nidhi didi.

Abhilash Veeru - Ruhela

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