14 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Janmashtami Wasn't Special This Time !!!

The day began with the talk with customer care of Airtel and got the 12 rs back which they deducted from my father's mobile..Then me and my father approached towards Bank for new schemes and got the perfect one for us. Salona my friend who celebrated her birthday yesterday thanked me with bottom from her heart for the blog I wrote yesterday only for her as Yesterday my day was special only for her.I wanted to hear her voice yesterday but it went out as impossibility as she dont possess any mobile no..but hope next year Ill be with her on her birthday.

Today is Janmashtami (An excuse to make Noise pollution a legal)where the boys break the Handi which is tied up at a long height..they make pyramids and at last a small child break the handi and there is Dahi which pours out which everybody drinks as the blessing from Lord Krishna.Theres a ISKCON named club or group you can say which worship Lord Krishna with passion..They all were very bright and happy today with this special.The biggest Janmashtami was celebrated in Mumbai from all over the India..The costliest money prize for breaking handi was of 25 lakhs and it too was broken..

But this time I was unable to witness any Dahi Handi as I was busy in my works...

Tomorrow its Independence day..Hope something new will happen tomorrow.

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