15 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Ye Azaadi Hai Kya?

Happy Independence Day ! ! !

Aaj azaadi ka din hai, in d whole day I didnt felt even a single flick of it.From many years I have always heard Deshbhakti songs and all but this time in Mumbai I didnt heard any of them..Either theres no patriotism in Mumbai or here the people are so much engaged in their own work that they dont have time for their country's well being.

My day started with an incoming call of my friend Abhijit who gave me a good news that he is coming to my house in few hours but he then gave Kallti, I was upset because I really love spending time with him as he has always been a good and caring friend.Then I called my Sister Nidhi Didi and she didnt received my call for the whole day, She was sleeping for the whole day then I attempted a last one in evening and she picked it up and she told me that Ill talk with you later as Im with my friends.I felt very bad because whenever I call her she is always busy either in somebody's else call or with somebody else Gupshups.....Either Im boring or she dont love my attitude but She loves me that I know very well..

Today I saw the excellent movie A WEDNESDAY for the 10th time but the thing which was special this time ws that ki I watched it with my father.Papa dont ahve any interest in movies and all but when his child is so much of Filmi how can he save himself from movies...hmm hmm?

This is the way my day of this Azaadi finished......

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