8 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

First Holiday After College Began !

Today was my first holiday after my senior college began and I was very happy because as I lost the habit of thr routine of going to college I used to feel very tired after returning from the college but cant help it as its the path towards my destination and thats what you can say is my karma bhumi so I'll have to do it but I was waiting for this Saturday and Im very happy that its my holiday today.

I woke up very late as I wanted to rest and after that began my day.My bedroom was scattered and was looking even worst then Vegetable Market, first I bought it into its original position and made it look like my bedroom which has always been beautiful and attractive right from my childhood. I always had a will to decorate and keep my bedroom beautiful.

Then I started Ironing my clothes and this lazy act made me to watch Love Aaj Kal with it but because I wanted to spend some family time I stopped the movie at its 50th minute and I found Saif ali khan's acting perfect and matured but the way Deepika Padukone was delivering her dialogues were not appreciable but yes Im not dissapointed from her as its the beginning of her career and she will be a perfect actress in coming years.there were 2 lip kisses in movie till the part I saw it and they were extreme passionate.

Then at 9 PM I watched Dus Ka Dum - Todays player were Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shroff - It was an average episode today but yes I enjoyed the episode and then I continued watching with Dekh India Dekh and the joke in which the man says a woman that lets go to garden and the woman replies that Battameez aurto se aisi baatein karta hai garden leke chalu , Yahaan koi bedroom nahi hai kyaa? this made me go roll and roll with laughter and with this beautiful smile my first holiday ended.

Hope tomorrow's day will be as good as todays.

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