13 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Salona's Birthday

Today the 5th Fast of my Dear Sai Baba began with this thursday of 13th August.Day started with a glass of milk with the praying to god to give me strength for the rest of the day.Its holiday to me as everybody knows that there is a big attack of Swine Flu in Mumbai.Yesterday my friends Zaheer Bhai's birthday was wished firstly by me in the night at 12 o clock itself and today the birthday of my friend Salona made me excited as she has been the closest friend of mines in this last few week.

She turned 18 on this very birthday and I was the second person to give her the best wishes for her birthday.She has really been an Angel to me in past few weeks.

She is the only person infornt of whom I have broke the seal of my whole life-

How my parents struggled?

How did I overcome with my struggles and pain?

And the other many things but this girl never laughed or made jokes on my pain.She always gave pains to her ears just to listen out my life beings and my autobiography this is why I respect her a lot.Whenever she has seen me cry she tried to change the topic and make me laugh.This is the only girl in my life I have seen to have such a great sense of Humour otherwise I feel girls as boring and I mostly avoid chatting with thems but this girl has really won my heart.

Trying to be modern and cool she has not wiped out the cultures which teaches us to respect the one who is conversing with us.Never have she ignored me on chats.She has always been with me whenever I needed her.Whenever I cried she have made me laugh like anything..

Salona I hope our friendship gets stronger ans stronger day by day and hope Ill meet you soon ansd see you soon because really you are an angel to my life and one of the best friend ever.

Happy Bithday to you..May U live a long long life and never forget me as Ill be always there to wish u the first on your birthday...

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