26 March 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Bringing the Rainbow by R.K. Somany (Book Review: 2.75*/5) !!!

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Knowing about entrepreneurs and creative persons is always my passion which can never be overcome by any other interest. And that is the reason why I have always subscribed myself to reading books based on biographies and autobiographies. The reason I love reading about such personalities is that they share such instances and secrets about themselves and their style of working which helps us in imbibing the same qualities and grow up in our career and personal life. After reading about the life of Mr. Deendayal Upadhyaya, I picked up the book written by Mr. R. K. Somany on his own life titled “Bringing the Rainbow” with the tagline of “The Hindware Story”.

Who is not aware of the brand name “Hindware” in India? And who would not want to know about the man behind its creation and success. Reading about Somany has been an interesting experience where he is quite frank about things and does not try hiding details even when it has been about disputes among the family. The way he has been vocal about things which could have also been eliminated from the book tells about his honesty and truthfulness. He starts the book by describing about his earlier generations and how their struggle helped him and his brothers to set up their businesses. He also tells us about the tragic death of his two wives and also shares the contribution of his third wife and how he has been able to move on even after such tragic occurrences in his life.

He frankly discusses about what his children are up to and what he expects from them. The only drawback of the book is that though he discusses quite interesting details about his company and how it is still ruling even after decades, he gives very less insight into his style of management and the small and effective decisions that he has taken over time which has developed the brand which will stay as an example for decades. Somany has also been clear in appreciating other business leaders whom he admires along with the superstar SRK who has been brand ambassador of his products. Overall, the book is a delighting read except that readers wish to know more about the development of the company and how he dared to take steps which is uncommon for a common man. There is very less to get inspired and motivated. I give this book 2.75* out of 5.



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