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There are times in life when you give away your priorities for what is important as per the norms of the society. I very well remember that moment when after joining college in BCA, I had asked my father if I can try to get into BBA or BMM course but he said that as I had already chosen BCA by thinking something, I should continue with it. I had no say then because I had not proven myself as a better student considering the kind of marks I had scored in 10th and 12th examinations. I had to accept whatever was being told to me at that point of time. I again got a chance to speak my mind when I passed graduation successfully and asked my parents if in spite of MCA can I go ahead with MBA as my career path. I was again refused citing reasons that I should get fully technical as I have already done BCA and I was the one who had committed that I would do BCA+MCA. I again kept my choice and love of doing MBA aside and did MCA successfully for next 3 years and enjoyed one of the best 3 years of my life by putting my hands and learning whatever was possible for me.

After completing MCA with almost 70% marks, I was unable to understand what I am good at to select as my professional starting point. This itself speaks a lot about Indian education system and how child’s interest is not even kept in line with what he is about to select as learning for next 6 years of his life. It is then that I took decision about doing MBA, even if it’s part time once I get a job. Being quite lucky, I got a job within a month after leaving the college and in next 2 months after getting to know that I would be able to handle my job appropriately, I took admission for part-time MBA. The feeling after joining this professional course was far superior than what I felt even after passing BCA and MCA though passing MCA was like running alive after falling in a cage full of hungry tigers.

Being in a job and yet accomplishing one exam after another has been a task for which I will always remember the hardship I had to do every particular day to make sure that I enjoy this process of learning MBA. I always wanted to do MBA because there’s nothing sexier than managing things and something which teaches us the same with a scope of implementing the formulas live in the job next day, there’s nothing better than this. Many people had joined the organization along with me in the gap of few weeks or months but the way my path has been carved is far crispier and worth-following than anyone else’s as it gives a lot of hope to people who believe that with mediocrity they won’t be able to survive in the corporate world.

I was able to manage all kinds of hardship in job just because the power of MBA had withheld me to achieve the unachievable at times when it all appeared dark ahead. The shadow of this course will stay longer with me than the two degrees I have done in longer time than MBA. Being versatile and still being efficient is what MBA has allowed me to be and whatever I manage to do in a job of 8 hours irrespective of different kinds of work coming to me is all because of the skills this course has taught me. We are unable to identify in our life the source of knowledge at lot of times whenever we are able to execute something difficult unbelievably but I know from where I have learnt these things because they were never taught in school, college or home. This has been taught by MBA as it allowed me to perform the experiment the very next day at work and achieve something I had never believed I would.

Now that I have got this degree, somewhere a satisfied core of my heart says that the educational degrees that one craves in life has been accomplished for me. Whatever remains in life is to apply those knowledge regularly and build a better world for myself, my people and my project in whichever organization I work and build legacies that are shared as examples even after I and the people working with me leaves the place. That is what I would believe as my success in the professional world that I have chosen to invest my life in for the next 30 years. I would like to thank Welingkar Institute of Management Studies for building such a course that provides so much confidence in a boy that he takes the path of management irrespective of just being a Fresher in the industry. I would ask each one of you to join the courses that you always wanted to and get that degree which you have always craved for but could not go for it because of parental restrictions or societal useless advice's. Forget everything and learn what you have always wanted to. Go Explore Your Choices.



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