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Home at Last by Sarada Chiruvolu (Book Review: 3*/5) !!!

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Reading spirituality is a fun that you will not experience in any other books if you are interested and curious about the subject. These days the only genre I crave for is spiritualism. I am just done reading another book on the same subject titled “Home At Last” written by the authoress “Sarada Chiruvolu”. The book also has the tagline of “A Journey to Higher Consciousness”. Sarada, the authoress, has taken us on the path of attaining the highest consciousness by narrating her own experience of how she began turning towards spirituality to how she met her teacher who helped her explore the way towards enlightenment and finally how she was able to reach the zenith of this whole course.

The book is published in a very high quality by Amaryllis publication with shiny pages and colourful photographs. The only drawback of the same is that the weight of the book is so heavy that it almost becomes difficult to read it by holding in one hand or while traveling. You can only read it by keeping on the table at your home. Sarada has very nicely taken the readers on the path of meditation and its effect by giving her own examples and sharing her experiences up to whatever depth was possible. I liked the way she started the book by sharing with us the day directly when she attained the finale and saw what is believed to be meeting with God in you. 

And later on, the way she took on the journey gradually also enables the readers to understand what she is preparing us for. The best part about the book is that no where she is trying to enforce her ideologies upon readers. Her language is also simple which makes it easy for readers to comprehend what she means to say even when she talks about the experiences which only a spiritual person can understand. Talking about the drawback of the book, I must say it is very boring. Yes! Authoress covers her whole experience in a single flow itself in a monotonous voice without giving any examples which are described in a little light and different way which can help reader to get refreshed in between. 

Even though the book is of only 190 pages, it took me more than one week to complete it just because it becomes difficult to read it more than 20 pages in one go. Authoress should read more books on spirituality and meditation to understand how to write on such topics by keeping the things light and not too serious as she has done in her first attempt. Overall, the book is quite different from other spiritual books as very less enlightened people discuss what exactly is experienced with meditation etc. and how it changes their mindset. I give this book 3* out of 5. 



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